Did Ranbir Kapoor silently admit he’s missing Katrina Kaif in his life?

Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif might have broken up few months ago but there are obviously wounds that dig deep. While Katrina had been nursing a broken heart, Ranbir was silent about it till now.

At the recently concluded Vogue Beauty Awards, Ranbir finally spoke to the media and he remarked, “Life’s more beautiful when you’re committed. You have someone to share things with then.” Was this meant for Katrina? Your guess is a good as ours.

But the actor made sure he didn’t cross paths with his ex at the awards night. While Ranbir was one of the early birds, Katrina walked in much later, after Ranbir exited from the venue.

Also right after he made the comment about the absence of love in his life right now, he quickly added, “Life is beautiful when you are single also.” We get that, Ranbir!