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Modi’s silence has left country speechless: Congress

New Delhi, July 27 – The Congress on Wednesday took a dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi for not speaking on various issues of national importance, saying his silence had left the country speechless.

He does not speak here (in India). He can address the US Congress for over 40 minutes but does not speak when it comes to the marginalised in the country, Congress spokesperson Abhishek Manu Singhvi told the media at the Parliament House complex.

Modi goes silent when he has to make a statement on various issues in India. Modi’s speechlessness has rendered the country speechless, he quipped.

The Congress also accused the Modi government of supporting anti-poor and anti-Dalits forces and said it had created an atmosphere of fear among the marginalised.

In Gujarat, a lion kills a cow; so-called upper caste people do not come forward to dispose of the carcass, but when the Dalits do it, they are beaten up and threatened,

Singhvi said cow protection vigilantes thrashed two helpless women at a railway station in Mandsour in Madhya Pradesh on Tuesday for carrying buffalo meat.

There is trust deficit. They are creating an atmosphere in which there is no fear of law, he said, adding that the self-appointed policemen have no fear of punishment.


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