Chaani’s Day Out: Finally Free of That Headdress in Mohenjo Daro Song

If the first two songs were about Hrithik Roshan’s dancing, this one is dedicated to Pooja Hegde’s day out – incredibly, without the head gear.

Mohenjo Daro

Yes. You read that right. Chaani, daughter of a priestess and almost never spotted without her Grecian robes and elaborate head dress, dances through what looks like a Moroccan souk wearing ordinary clothes and enjoying extra-ordinary freedom (from that head dress!) in Mohenjo Daro’s new song, titled Sarsariya, released on July 25.

“Chaani realizes she doesn’t need to conform to different rules for women. Here is where she breaks free,” tweeted Hrithik Roshan, who stars as Sarman in director Ashutosh Gowariker’s vision of what life in the Indus Valley Civilisation was like.

Apparently, breaking free and not conforming involves acting a little bit like a brat – collapsing shop fronts, smashing freshly-baked pottery and running around the marketplace on blue-dipped feet, leaving a trail of blue footprints everywhere.

And to top it all, she sings in an incomprehensible language – for almost one minute. Perhaps it’s meant to be Ancient Indus Valley-speak, because why not make up a language when so much historical authenticity has been sacrificed anyway?

“Language was a difficult topic for this film. We thought we will have a blend of a bit of Sindhi, a bit of Hindi and it creates the feeling of the old world. I didn’t want the audience to get alienated. Everybody should understand it,” Ashutosh Gowariker told IANS .


Shashwat Singh and Shashaa Tirupati have sung Javed Akhtar’s lyrics, set to the tunes of A R Rahman.

The film is set to hit the theaters on August 12.