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Asked About Wedding Rumours, Ranveer Singh Said This to the Media

Actor Ranveer Singh got irritated when Deepika Padukone was asked about their rumoured engagement, and requested reporters to ask good questions.

Ranveer Singh

Certain sections of the press reported that Ranveer and Deepika were engaged. On Thursday, Ranveer and Deepika attended a special screening of Irrfan Khan’s Madaari.

When Deepika was asked about her rumoured engagement, Ranveer looked at her and said, “Let’s go.”

Deepika said: “Thanks, bye”, to reporters before walking away. Ranveer also told reporters: “Jis type ki film (Madaari) dekhi hai, uska toh lihaaz karen. Iss type ki fizool ki baatein na karen.”

“Jaise type ki film hai, toh achche achche sawaal karna. Meri request hai aapse,” Ranveer added.

Earlier, Deepika had refuted reports of her impending marriage, and said that she has no plans to get married anytime soon.

Deepika, who was the showstopper at designer Manish Malhotra’s couture show in Delhi, took the opportunity to set the record straight about her personal life.

“I think this is the right opportunity to clarify for everyone. There is no such plan (to get married). I am not pregnant. I am not having a baby. I am not engaged. I am not married and I am not planning to get married any time soon,” said Deepika.

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