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Alleged Apple iPhone 7 shows up online in a new video

There have been several images and concepts, involving rumours and possible peeks, about the forthcoming flagship handset from Apple. The iPhone 7 rumours and concepts have been all around the internet since the time Apple unveiled the iPhone SE this year. Each rumour report allege that the iPhone will sport a bigger battery, four speakers, dual camera, no headphone jack and a lot more. However, this time, a short video of the iPhone 7 showed up online.

Apple’s most awaited flagship for 2016, the iPhone 7, will be unveiled in September and rumours, speculations and concepts are already doing massive rounds on the internet since the iPhone SE was announced.

The video, shared by a Dutch website TechTastic, shows two alleged iPhone 7 handsets in the person’s hands. The phones look pretty similar to what an iPhone could be, but there is no confirmation about it being authentic.

The handset in the video shows the alleged iPhone 7’s rear panel with the Apple logo on it, and in two different colours—space grey and silver. The person in the video also shows off the bottom edge of the iPhone 7, which reveals a stereo speaker and a Lightning port, but there does not seem to any headphone jack.

If the said handset in the video is truly an iPhone 7, then speculations about the headphone jack being eliminated could be true.

According to older rumours and speculations, the iPhone 7 was said to be lacking the conventional 3.5mm headphone jack. The audio would be routed to the headphones directly through the Lightning port. This could cause an inconvenience to many users as they would not be able to plug in their personal headphones on the new phone. To do so, one would require an Lightning port to 3.5mm audio jack adapter, which could be an additional expenditure over the already expensive iPhone 7. However, there are other smartphone companies who have already gone ahead with a similar move and LeEco is one of the first to adapt the change. They are producing smartphones without the 3.5mm jack and feature a headphone with a USB Type-C jack. This restricts a user from using his headphones on another smartphone or PC/laptop/music player.

Heading back to the iPhone 7, eliminating the 3.5mm jack would probably help in reduction of the smartphone’s width, thus helping with slimmer smartphones ahead. The lack of the headphone jack could also create additional space inside the smartphone for other components.

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