Can we win the fight against terrorism in India?

Sivasagar, Prangan Duarah: The recent terror attack in Bangladesh, Pakistan and Paris was condemned severely by various governments across the world. After watching a bunch of video footages, discussions on these attacks, reading the article on these particular topics my mind is still not clear with the fact that why they are continuously attacking innocent people? What exactly they are trying to prove? Along with the whole world, India has been facing the problem of insurgency and terrorism in different parts of the country since its independence in 1947.  India has witnessed exclusively terrorist movements in North-east India, Punjab and Jammu and Kashmir, bordering Pakistan, in bordering area of Myanmar and Bangladesh; in Bihar, bordering Nepal; and in certain interior states like Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Orissa that do not have international borders. India has also witnessed the extreme and the cruel nature of terrorism in 26/11 Mumbai Terror Attack, Dhemaji school bombing in 2004, October 30, 2008 – Assam bombings, 29 October 2005 – Delhi Serial Bomb Blast , 2013 Sri-Nagar, 12 March 1993 Mumbai Serial Bomb Blast, 13 December 2001 – Attack on Indian Parliament etc.

India is not only one of the few countries that know the true face and meaning of terrorism within its borders, but it is also one that has been most resilient to terrorist attacks. The cause of terrorism in India can be differentiated on the basis of their message or threats which have been sent to the people by terrorist groups. There are a few terrorist groups which are dissatisfied with their own state and create violations in their own state by killing their own people to earn their demand. The examples of this type of nationalist terrorist are ULFA, IRA etc. Along with these nationalist terrorists, a few groups of sponsored terrorist is also creating violations in India. They receive supplies, training, and other resources to carry out their agenda from another country to abuse India and innocent people of India. Along with these religions, terrorism is a major problem in India which is continuously trying to destroy the peace of Indian people.

The group of religion extremists would love to curb civil liberties and humanitarian rights of all people, including their own. It doesn’t matter for what reason these different types of terrorist group are fighting for but the fact is that these groups are harming thousands of thousands of innocent people, their cruelty cannot be forgiven. It is continuously attacking Indian economy. India is facing multifarious challenges in the management of its internal security. Here a question arises can we win the fight against the terrorism in India? From my point of view, yes, we can fight against terrorism but for that, our anti-terrorism law should be very strict. Instead of giving VIP treatment to the terrorist in prisons, the maximum punishment should be given to them immediately. Along with the law, the unity among all Indian can play a significant role in fighting against terrorism. The new government is taking various internal as well as the external security of the nation to ensure a peaceful life to the people of India. But only time will tell whether or not we will succeed in fighting against terrorist?