How Harshvardhan Kapoor transformed his body for ‘Mirzya’

When you have fit father like Anil, you can’t help but stay in shape. But it was tough for the actor’s son Harshvardhan who had to go lean and then bulk up for his debut film Mirzya. He shot for the lean portions first and then took four months, to bulk up and gain 10kgs.

Reveals an insider that Harsh was trained by Drew Neal. “He used to get up in the morning and walk on empty stomach for an hour. From his house in Juhu to the beach and back. In the evening, he would lift weights. For the lean part, it was a balanced diet inluding complex carbs, proteins and small quantity fats. For bulking up, the intake was very high fats and proteins, less carbs. The goal was to achieve all this in the most natural way.”

Kapoor Jr also had to learn horse riding and archery. Rakeysh wanted Harsh to be able to use the bow and arrow while riding the horse which required lot of work and practice.