Supermodel Squad

Mumbai,MANISH MISHRA: Recently, when Gigi Hadid incorporated Woodstock vibes into her off-duty style, it became a big talking point.

Kendall Jenner is known to clash gym chic with glam rock like a potent cocktail — pairing a crop top with track pants and throwing a biker jacket on. Kendall’s Coachella look — the twin buns, sunnies and necklaces was the highlight of the music fest and she sent paparazzi into a tizzy with her snake Cavalli couture dress at Cannes. Bella Hadid on the other hand, broke the internet with a pelvage flashing red strappy number on the Cannes red carpet.

The Jenner sisters — Kendall and Kylie, Hadid siblings — Gigi and Bella along with Karlie Kloss, Joan Smalls, Alessandra Ambrosio and Cara Delevingne are the new digital influencers impacting the global street style and also fashion brands’ digital presence.

One can’t deny the power
Stylist Ekta Rajani of Grazia India says, “Today we live in a different world altogether and a lot of brands won’t function without it. You can’t deny the power of these supermodels. It’s a race. Which label manages to get whom? Having said that, I can’t really say how much it impacts the sales. But is marketing possible without their presence? No. It’s an in-your-face phenomenon.”

They’re realistic in their dressing
Stylist Aastha Sharma says, “Supermodels are a huge influence and youngsters look up to them. Across the boards, individuals in style space have embraced a certain casualness to dressing. Supermodels are not always dressed up, they’re pretty realistic in their dressing and their style is quite relatable. Their style is never well put together and they inject an ease into everything.”

Stylist Sanjana Batra says, “Both Kendall and Kylie have very individual styles though I like Kendall’s. Whatever these girls wear become the talking point, for example Kim Kardashian’s duct tape trick was a major talking point. Besides, they have a huge Instagram followers which greatly impact the fashion and beauty brands’ insta presence.

It’s a healthy influence
Stylist Divyak D’Souza says, “Definitely, supermodels are a healthy influence (barring the Kardashians). Most of them are fitness freaks, advocate a healthy lifestyle, work out etc. Besides they look great in almost anything under the sun.”

Balmain started it all
Designer and stylist Pernia Qureshi says that the layers between supermodels or celebs and people have been removed. “Today a supermodel or a celebrity can reach out to people directly. Olivier Rousteing was the first designer to jump on to this bandwagon.”