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Actress and model Alisa Khan

It was recently reported how “actress and model” Alisa Khan was spotted roaming the streets of Delhi after being left to fend for herself after being thrown out of her house by her brother and mother. More interestingly, about how she did a film called Aaina with director Vikram Bhatt and actor Emraan Hashmi.

The catch? Both Hashmi and Bhatt say the film doesn’t exist.

“Rubbish, I have no idea where this is coming from,” says Emraan, who is currently in Toronto with his family, “I have never even heard of this girl before, leave alone, working on a film with her.”

Alisa, last seen in My Husband’s Wife, was allegedly disowned by her family when her ex-boyfriend supposedly threatened to reveal her nude MMS. In her subsequent interaction with the media, she disclosed her “Bollywood links”.

Bhatt wonders aloud, “If I would have made a movie with these credentials, you would have known right? Have you heard of any such thing called Aaina from me? Starring this girl or anyone else?”

We did a bit of digging at our end but couldn’t find anything that linked Alisa to Emraan, Vikram or Aaina. Except a few recent reports recounting her story. Some videos promise to unveil a passionate kiss between the supposed lead pair. All it does, is show you a slideshow with Alisa’s portfolio.

Guess someone’s delusional here!!

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