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7 ways ‘Gujju Goes Gourmet’ makes you fall in love with vegetarian delights

Sonal Ved’s book Gujju Goes Gourmet aims to give vegetarians a hip alternative to the boring pasta/paneer situation. Because, as explained in that AIB video, ‘Paneer Samajh Ke Khale’ needed a foolproof solution.

This is mobile book app Juggernaut’s first cookbook. Gujju Goes Gourmet comes in handy for a single people with little time to cook or barely any kitchen skills. Simple, quick and, most importantly, healthy recipes can save all that money spent on ordering every meal of the day.

These are a few things I learnt as I devoured the book in an hour –

  1. Apart from Indian cooking, a Mediterranean palette suits a vegetarian. This means you can look beyond paneer and indulge in Halloumi.
  2. There is something enticing about a recipe that can be turned into a smoothie. No mess, on-the-go food is a weakness and a necessity. Gujju Goes Gourmet has quite a few recipes to save you time. (example: Cereal and Strawberry parfait)
  3. Hummus is love. Why do you ask? Because the nutritional value of the chickpeas added to easy food is what you need. Isn’t love is just the same? Needed to nurture you with ease of adapting. GGG’s recipes show you how hummus can go from a dip to the main course to beat hunger.
  4. Choose your ingredients wisely. Sonal offers handy tips at the end of each recipe. People with minimum kitchen skills need to know what they are putting in the pan. For singles on budget restrictions, it also has replacement options to help make a gourmet dish pocket-friendly. (example: DIY Sushi Bowl)
  5. Love your veggies and experiment with them. They are capable of surprising you. A cauliflower steak can make this run-of-the-mill veggie a star of the meal.
  6. Dessert can be your breakfast. Again ‘Cereal and Strawberry parfait’ would be perfect for this rebellion!
  7. Going gourmet doesn’t have to be complicated. The recipes are very simple. There are a few recipes in the book which let you make dishes with leftovers. Turning water used to boil barley into a healthy juice is just…

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