Barring Tamil Nadu, 21 states ‘virtually support’ GST Bill: Arun Jaitley

NEW DELHI: Finance Minister Arun Jaitley attended a crucial meeting to decide the roadmap for the Goods & Services Bill. In attendance were 22 state finance ministers who were there to also share ideas on the GST bill.

Speaking to the media after the meeting, Jaitley said that all the 22 state finance minister shared their views on the GST bill on Tuesday in Kolkata. He said nearly all the states, barring Tamil Nadu, were in support of the GST Bill that the centre has been trying to get implemented.

“All the states, barring Tamil Nadu, virtually supported the GST bill,” he said.

The government has enough backing from smaller regional parties to pass the Bill in Rajya Sabha.

GST rollout from April 1 if law passed in next session: Jayant Sinha
Jaitley said that all the stakeholders who attended the meeting, also gave their views on the roadmap and design of the GST bill.

Going ahead, it is likely that the government will hold more such meetings before the crucial bill is eventually passed.

State Finance Ministers to meet in Kolkata on June 14,15 to discuss model GST law
On the issue of the 1% additional tax, Jaitley said:

As far as 1% additional tax for first 3 years is concerned, have made it clear that I am flexible on that issue: Arun Jaitley #GST
I intend bringing up the Constitution Amendment Bill for consideration in the Upper House in the very next session of Parliament

FM Jaitley hints at GST rollout next year — ANI (@ANI_news) June 14, 2016
Recently, Minister of State for Finance Jayant Sinha said that the government was looking at April 2017 as the new deadline for the rollout of the GST Bill. This will only be possible though, if it gets the support from smaller regional parties to pass the national sales tax legislation in the Parliament session next month. Then it would need the approval for supporting laws by year-end.

“If we can pass it in the monsoon session (of Parliament beginning next month), then we can implement it in April 1, 2017,” Sinha had told PTI.