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Apple WWDC 2016 Highlight Reel: All the updates for all the OS’

MUMBAI: Despite a decision to not tease any hardware this time around, Apple had quite a few announcements to make at their Worldwide Developer Conference. The company was clear that its whole ecosystem is about four platforms; iOS, OS X, watchOS and tvOS. So here’s our quick and easy list of the biggest announcements at WWDC 2016.

watchOS 3
The Apple Watch now has improved app load times, the company claims it’s up to seven times faster. There’s also a new dock feature that shows your apps running in the background, and a Control Centre, just like in iOS.

The company also added handwriting support called “Scribble”, as well as a new SOS mode. Hold the side button and it alerts the police, your friends, and even sends your location. So far, this works with police in most international cities.
There’s a new Sign in mode on tvOS that’s plannedto prevent having to resign into various channels or video on demand. There’s also a new remote app for iPhone. You can use Siri to make genre-based searches on AppleTV, and even search YouTube.
First and foremost, OS X is being renamed macOS, to bring it in line with the nomenclature of the other platforms. The latest macOS is called Sierra. Among other features, it brings auto unlock with the Apple Watch, and a Universal Clipboard to copy-paste across devices. iCloud Drive is also upgraded to now let you access your home desktop and files on other Apple devices. Most importantly however, Siri is coming to macOS, and she’s bringing all the tricks she uses on iOS.
iOS 10
iOS 10 has a redesigned lock screen with a new “raise to wake” feature, as well as expanded 3D Touch to let you interact with notifications from the locked screen. Photos now has locally-processed facial recognition to help organise your pictures in your storage (just like Google Photos does in the cloud). Maps, News and Music have all been redesigned with cleaner UI’s. The largest change however, is to iMessage, which received a host of additions like Scribble, payment support, customisable text, rich links, and even its own App Store.
A completely new addition to the mix is Home, which is a central app that lets you control all your IoT devices from one screen. And last, but not least, Siri has also been thrown open to developers, as rumoured.
Developer previews for all four OS updates are available right now with public betas in July. The final updates will be available later this year.
Like to get into the nitty gritty details of all these updates? CHeck in with us tomorrow morning for all the analyses on the updates.