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Ghana for civil nuclear cooperation with India

ACCRA (GHANA),B. MURALIDHAR REDDY:Ghana on Monday sought India’s civil nuclear cooperation to explore the possibilities of reducing its dependence on traditional energy sources to cut costs as well as focus on cleaner environment.

The issue came at the discussion during the talks between President Pranab Mukherjee and his Ghanaian counterpart John Dramani Mahama. The President is on his first ever visit to Ghana.

India has agreed to study the proposal from Ghanaian side. “In the new areas, it came for the first time…Ghanian President specifically mentioned that since India is leader in nuclear energy they want to look at having a civil nuclear cooperation with India,” Secretary (Economic Relations) Amar Sinha said.

“They are signatory to COP 21 (Paris Climate deal) and want to move towards clean energy as present energy mix is based on fossil fuels,” Press Secretary to President Venu Rajamony said.

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