Here is all you need to know about Apple’s WWDC 2016

With voice-controlled virtual assistants and virtual reality taking over people’s imagination, Cupertino-headquarted Apple Inc is all set to unveil some new features and updates to take its ecosystem to the next level and as CEO Tim Cook says: “provide tomorrow’s devices today”.

Here are some of the things that you can expect at the annual event:
It has been a long time coming, more so because the company has invested millions of dollars in creating the best voice assistant in the world. This WWDC, Siri is expected to get better and mature in terms of utility.
With Google, Amazon and Microsoft breathing down on its neck, Apple is expected to open up Siri to allow third-party developers to integrate Siri into their apps. This might result in more use cases for the voice assistant especially in emerging markets. Soon you can expect to order a pizza or play a playlist using the voice assistant.
Apple is also expected to bring Siri to Mac or OS X, just like Microsoft’s Cortana. Expanded Siri functionality may arrive on the Apple Watch and Apple TV.
The operating systems
iOS 10
There are speculations doing rounds that the next version of iOS may see noteworthy design changes, because “there hasn’t been a significant update to the look of iOS since iOS 7 was introduced in 2013.” Rumours also say that Apple has been working on a dark mode for the OS as the WWDC logo has dark-coloured designs.
MacOS: This one could be tricky as speculations claim that Apple plans to rebrand OS X. Such a change would bring the name of Apple’s desktop OS in line with the company’s other operating systems — iOS, watchOS, and tvOS — as others have pointed out. Reports also claimed that the new version of the OS will be named Fuji.
Apple Pay/Touch ID: According to a Digital Trends Apple report, Apple Pay will go to the web. This means that the feature might work on Macs and an update might allow Mac users to unlock it via the TouchID on iPhone.
iTunes: Venturebeat quoted Apple reporter Mark Gurman who in turn has said that the company “will show off a redesigned iTunes for Mac app at WWDC.” Gurman says the redesign “will launch in the fall with [OS X] 10.12.”
Apple TV / tvOS
Apple TV: Although there are very less chances of Apple announcing new hardware at the annual event, rumours claim that Apple may launch some device that will challenge rival Amazon’s Echo and this could be the revamped Apple TV.
tvOS: The company is expected to debut a new version of tvOS at WWDC, with expanded support for an improved version of Siri.
Apple Watch and watchOS
Sorry! Nothing is happening in this space except for a few upgrades to the watchOS.
App Store
Earlier this week, Apple announced two changes coming to the App Store: subscriptions and search ads. The interesting part is that iMessage for Android can soon be a reality.
Xcode / Swift
We may see new releases relating to Xcode — the IDE that Apple developers use to make apps for iPhones, Macs, Apple Watches, and TVs — and Swift, Apple’s newish programming language.
New MacBooks and more
WWDC remains a mostly software-focused event. That said, changes to Apple’s MacBook lineup are reportedly in the works, and rumors of redesigned, thinner MacBook Pros are certainly intriguing, as are these (entirely unofficial) concept mockups. Apple is also planning on “altering the user interface of Apple Music to make it more intuitive to use,” says Bloomberg.