Punjab drug menace will be resolved in a month if Congress comes to power, says Rahul Gandhi

NEW DELHI:Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi on Monday led a protest in Punjab’s Jalandhar city against the drug menace in the state and said that the problem would be resolved in a month if the party comes to power.

The Congress vice-president’s protest came at a time when there is an ongoing controversy over certification of the Bollywood film Udta Punjab, based on the menace of drugs in the state.

Addressing a rally, Rahul Gandhi said, “If Punjab needs a better future, there is no other way but to stop drug menace in the state. On one side there is the drug menace, and on the the other, there are law and order, unemployment issues.”

The Congress leader said that the party will remove the drug problem in a month if it came to power, adding that the party intended to give more authority to the police.

(Protesting against drug abuse and law & order issues in Punjab earlier today)

Stating that there are good police officers in Punjab police who want to work, Rahul said the SAD government wasn’t giving them the required freedom to perform their duties.

“Four years ago when I came to Punjab and urged the government to address the drug issue, I was mocked by the Akalis,” he added.

Rahul also spoke regarding the Udta Punjab row, saying, “Movies are being banned, they have banned Udta Punjab as they still don’t want to accept the reality, because it is profitable for them.”

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has dubbed Gandhi’s protest against drugs as ridiculous and alleged that the Congress was adopting double standards as the grand party had failed to initiate any action on the same when the matter was brought to the notice of former prime minister Manmohan Singh.

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