‘Udta Punjab’ cleared

BHOPAL(PTI):The Central Board of Film Certification has cleared the controversial Bollywood film Udta Punjab with 13 cuts under the ‘A’ category, Board chairman Pahlaj Nihalani said on Sunday.

It’s unfair to form a judgement after a few listens but at the moment Udta Punjab is a good album that has moments of brilliance.

Mr. Nihalani, in the eye of a storm for demanding a large number of cuts, said nine members of the Board had watched the film and “unanimously” cleared it after the proposed 13 cuts.

“The CBFC’s job is now over. It is now up to the producer to go to the court or tribunal. We will implement the order,” Mr. Nihalani said.

The Abhishek Chaubey-directed film is tentatively scheduled for release on June 17.

Responding to a query, Mr. Nihalani, who has been criticised by the film fraternity for his “dictatorial attitude” said, “Those who call me cheap are themselves ghatia [lowly].”

He clarified that he never called himself a chamcha [sycophant] of P M Narendra Modi.

“There is nothing wrong in admiring the Prime Minister. I never said [I am] a chamcha,” he said.