Why Google loves your Facebook Fan Page for indexing immediately for SERP

Kolkata, Purbit Ditecha: Social media websites have become more crucial than before it was. Whether you know it or not, people are using search engines to look for your brand’s Facebook Page(s), so what Google returns in response should – like any other optimized SERP listing – ideally affirm your brand authority, encourage clicks, direct traffic to the places where you want more traffic, and spread brand awareness.

Why Google loves your Facebook Fan Page for indexing immediately for SERP

Oh, only that?So, how do you optimize your Facebook Page for search? The trick is to analyze what public-facing Facebook content Google shows when, how this content is displayed in SERP results, and what influences determine rank, and then base your Facebook and content optimization strategy on your findings.
Even for a puzzle-obsessed marketing writer (me) that sounds like a tall order. That said, because I am puzzle obsessed and possibly a bit of a masochist, this week I took it upon myself to investigate two dozen Facebook SERP listings and their correlating Facebook Pages to try to uncover patterns worth strategizing around.
After a few strategy crushing monkey wrenches and one or two “what does this all mean?!” existential tantrums, I’ve settled on these four tangible takeaways to help guide your Facebook optimization strategy. As for example – I have used a fan page of IDC Technologies Inc https://www.facebook.com/idctch)
1. Create a Facebook page username
If you haven’t done this already, make sure you create a username for your page. You can do this by going to your page and clicking ‘Edit page‘ at the top. In the ‘Basic information‘ section, create yourself a Username. https://www.facebook.com/idctch
This Username must be unique and explain who you are. For example, your company name.
I have noticed that the page username is more likely to show within the search engines than the title of your page, therefore choose the username carefully!
2. Turn off country and age restrictions
Another common reason for not appearing in the search engines is because you have set a country, or age restriction. You can check this by going to your page and clicking ‘Edit page‘ at the top. In ‘Manage permissions‘ make sure that ‘Country restrictions‘ is left empty, and ‘Age restrictions‘ is ‘Anyone (13+)‘.
While you are on this page, double check that the tick box next to ‘Page visibility‘ is not ticked on Preferred Page Audience.
Getting into Google
First things first, do a Google search of your page’s name to see if it appears.
If you’re not within the first couple of pages when you search for your page name, you have a little bit of work to do:
3. Make sure Google can find your page
For Google to index your page, it needs to know you exist. Just by being on Facebook, doesn’t mean that it will find you.
The quickest way to do this is to create links to your Facebook page.
This can be done by:
  • Adding links from your website
  • Commenting on popular blogs using the link to your Facebook page in the URL field
  • Creating blog posts that link to your Facebook page
Be aware that linking from other social media sites (e.g. YouTube) won’t work as they are normally ‘nofollow’ links. This means that the website will stop Google’s bots from following the link to your page, therefore it won’t find it to index it.
Google can take some time to index a page, so you have to be patient. To help it along the way, continue adding more links to your Facebook page from different sources.
Getting into Facebook search
To see if your page is appearing in Facebook search, you have to ask someone who hasn’t liked your page, to search for it. This is a little inconvenient, but if you’re not appearing, you should know about it!
Lots of people have problems getting into Facebook search, Steps 1 and 2 should be some help, however if your still having trouble take a look at this post dedicated to getting into Facebook search.
Also the Facebook search is also integrated with the Bing search engine, therefore make sure you follow the above steps to get your Facebook page into Google as this will also ring true with Bing’s search engine
Optimising your page
Now that your page is appearing in both Google and Facebook search, we will focus on getting your page to the top!
4. Enter information into your ‘About’ page
You can get to your about page by clicking the ‘About‘ link under your timeline image.
All of the text on this page gets used by search engines to determine who you are, and what you do. Not only that, it’s a great place to tell your fans this information too.
Click the ‘Edit‘ button when you hover over the about section. This will take you back into your admin screen.
Before you start editing the details here, write down of some keywords that are relevant to your business. These are words or short phrases that people might type into a search engine when looking for you.
Start with your ‘Description‘ – This should have all the information about you. Summarise it in the first paragraph, then go into detail for the rest. Once you have completed this section, read back through it and make sure you have added your keywords.
Next add your ‘About‘ section – Think of this as your tagline. It should start with a link to your website (if you have one) and then be a sentence stating who you are. Again, include your main keyword here.
Finally, continue entering details for the other sections to make your page as complete as possible.
Increasing the number of likes
Increasing the number of likes your Facebook page has will give your page more authority within Facebook and its search engine.
As your page grows, Facebook will place your listing higher than other pages with lower ‘like’ counts as it sees you as the most relevant and authoritative page.
5. Use Facebook plugins
One great way to increase the number of likes you receive is to add the Facebook like box to your website. I have seen a lot of success from companies that use the like box as people don’t have to leave your website to come and like your page!
They can like the page whilst browsing your website.
This makes it easier for them to click the button and therefore, more likely that they will!
6. Promote your page
Another way of increasing your likes is to promote your Facebook page. This means posting about it on other social networks, putting links in your email footers and posting about it on your website.
Here the target page has been promoted in various facebook groups with targeted keywords: 
For more ideas take a look at this post on growing your Facebook likes.
Increasing engagement
The final thing you must do to help your rankings in the search engines, is to create engagement.
It’s great if you have a page with lots of likes, but if they aren’t interacting with you, then your page won’t show much authority, or have a good EdgeRank score.
7. Encourage engagement
To increase the interactivity on your page, you need to encourage your followers. Instead of promoting material about your business, ask questions – even if they aren’t relevant – and post items that they would want to share with their friends.
For more ideas on what to post, take a look at these guidelines.
8. Respond to everyone
When you respond to messages on your Facebook page, you show them that they were heard. It also provides you with an opportunity to build your relationship with that person.
Once someone starts to interact with your page, they become more likely to interact with your page in the future. Therefore you want to encourage them to keep commenting by continuing the conversation, and not ignoring your fans.
9. Be consistent
Once you start to create engagement, it does become a commitment. You do need to make sure you respond and keep posting new material. However the one thing you must do is be consistent. Make sure you post every day, this isn’t only good for your fans, but it makes shows the search engines that your page is active.
Pages with low interaction or a small number of posts do drop down the rankings, so take your time and focus on your fans.
My hope is that these four takeaways make you aware that Google is looking at your public-facing Facebook content, that People are using search engines to look for your brand on Facebook, and that – even though you can’t control the Meta HTML or Schema of your Facebook Page – you walk away feeling like there are some things you can do in Facebook to influence what your SERP snippets look like. Invest time in your Facebook Page, focus on your engagement, get your numbers up, and earn the top SERP spot. Then, include apps on your Facebook page to fill more of the clustered spots with your own content. Honestly, I have seen the incremental scenario of each facts of the target Facebook fan page 80% with in 7 days as I was started writing this article.   

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  1. Your main aim is to get your page viral, so follow the foot prints of other popular pages. Don’t try to steal stuff from them, but instead make your own content via pictures and videos. You need not make your own videos at home, but there are tons of other ways to get them. One obvious source is YouTube and the rest you have to find out. The key factor to steal from other pages is their time frames. Observe when they are posting more content in a day. Try to experiment on the same, which may push your content to the viral community.

    How to Choose Your Viral Facebook Titles?

    First you need to understand whom to target. Usually men are the majority of users who like and share your content. Targeting men will be a real good opportunity for your Fanpage to go viral. You have to post viral stuff which makes them happy to share. It might be anything from Gadgets, Technology, Viral videos, Jokes or anything else. The key factor in making your page viral is the surprising element present in it. There are many other ways to make your posts engaging. One of the best ways which make people see your content is its keywords.

    viral facebook posts trick

    You can start your post titles with surprising elements like OMG! Wow! WTF! Awesome! Amazing! Unbelievable! Lol! Lmao! ROFL! and etc. But don’t do it for every post, else you might sound a bit spammy. Choose your surprising factors carefully, so that people will engage with more trust and likeability.

    According to my research, people tend to click more on OMG! Wow! and Awesome! Also people more likely click titles which contain Viral keyword in them.

    Example: Viral Video of the Month or Viral Employee Videos Hits Thousands of Likes in 2 Days.

    These titles are more likely to be clicked by your Facebook fans and followers. You can also try using a I, They, We in your titles, but make sure the grammar and tenses are perfect.

    Example: I can’t believe that he rejected the most beautiful girl on earth.

    Choosing the right titles will always help your content go viral. People want to see something new which they never saw earlier. So a Wow! Factor is always needed to boost your Facebook page. Apart from these surprising elements, also add some emoticons or smilyes to make the post viral. Trust me, people love smileys when they see in your titles or descriptions.

    What goes more Viral on Facebook?

    People always get confused on what to post more. Pictures or Videos? Well, for me videos were the most viral thing to get thousands of followers. Usually almost all the Facebook pages publish only picture content to engage their followers. But what works more in Facebook is viral video content. People love to watch videos on Facebook, but finding them on time is the most difficult part to manage. 60% of my Fanpage contains only videos, which attracted thousands for followers in just 30 days.

    Most Viral Facebook Video

    This video changed the complete face of my Facebook page. It was shared more than 2,33,517 times with 53,970 likes and 16,000 comments. Posting videos on Facebook is quite difficult to manage, as they tend to disable your video uploading option within a week. You might have seen tons of pages which post videos on Facebook, but why are you unable to do the same? Well, that’s the trick! You just can’t post videos directly. There are some techniques involved to play safe. Find them below.

    How to Post Videos on Facebook without a Ban?

    Even though you find the most awesome video on earth, you can’t post directly to engage with your followers. There are some techniques to follow on how to publish videos on Facebook. Just like YouTube, even Facebook has some guidelines for publishing a video.

    Though these guidelines are not official, they seem to be working fine for me. So the first and foremost thing to remember is video permissions. You have to contact the right people to ask whether the video can be shared with your community. Write down a mail to the concern media person to seek a permission from the management. Most of the times you won’t get any reply, but its okay to post the videos with little changes. Out of all the techniques on how to upload a video on Facebook, I found few basic steps to play safe on Facebook.

    Always make sure to download videos from Public forums.
    Make sure the downloaded videos doesn’t contain any hatred, drug, porn or racism angles while publishing.
    Change the video name to xyz.mp4 or abc.mp4 or anything where it doesn’t contain the same title when you downloaded. For example, if my video title is, “People are awesome – 2014 edition.mp4”, then change it to “xyz.mp4” while uploading the video.
    After uploading the video, make sure the video Title and Description are not same. You should use different content for both these fields.
    Never use the same Title or Description from where you downloaded the Video. Example: “People are awesome 2013” can be renamed in title as “Wow! These people are simply awesome!” whereas the description can be “I wonder how some people are so amazing at what they do.”
    Don’t use relevant hash tags or keywords to tag them in your videos.
    What if Facebook has disabled your video upload option?

    As mentioned earlier, Facebook doesn’t give you much authority to post continuous videos on your Fan pages. But if you follow the above mentioned guidelines, Facebook will not be able to recognize your video as illegal. Even if you have taken the right permission to upload a video, Facebook will always poke into them as an offense.

    facebook video upload disabled

    Don’t panic if you see the above message. Here Facebook is just trying to act smart by showing that your video is alleged to copyright infringement. I’m not asking you to completely ignore this message when it appears, but try to solve it with patience and trust. Soon after you see the notification from Facebook, make sure to File a Counter Notification immediately. Tell them that your video has the right to be published on Facebook, but not sure about why this issue has been raised.

    This notification will be shown only once on your Facebook account, but will be saved on your registered email forever. You can open your gmail (if the account is registered with gmail) and look for the following messaging to “File a Counter Notification”. Facebook will immediately restore your video back on the page, but not every time. You can find the “File a Counter Notification” option in the copyright infringement itself. Take a look at the above screenshot.

    I have observed that Facebook will give you only 3 notifications on copyright infringement. So you got only 3 chances to show your viral content to people. Be extremely careful while uploading the videos, else Facebook might permanently ban your account. So what happens after 3 copyright infringement notifications? Well, my account was temporarily blocked for 6 months from post any videos on my Fanpage. But still I’m able to upload video on Facebook! How? Well, that is the secret my friend, can’t disclose everything. Ping me on Facebook if you have the same issues of temporary ban. I will tell you how to recover your account to start posting videos on Facebook.

    Where to find the Viral Content?

    Finding viral content on Internet is very easy when you do it right. I usually follow 3 simple places to find viral videos on Internet. The first one being Wimp.com, Second one is Break.com and the third one is YouTube. You have to search continuously for better and better video content to post on your Facebook page.

    where to find viral facebook videos

    Remember that Facebook takes a serious offense if you have downloaded the video from YouTube and uploaded on their Fan pages. I don’t know the exact reason for this, but don’t try to give Facebook a hint that the video is taken from YouTube at all.

    Also you can find some really good videos on tons of Facebook pages. All you have to do is to search for better and better content to upload on your Fan page. You can find some serious content on CNN Videos, but I would suggest you to stay away from them. Always make sure to stay away from News and Media content, as they contain 100% copyright material.

    What to do after posting Viral Content?

    If you have find some viral content, then don’t wait to upload it on your Fanpage. And as soon as your post your content, start sharing it on your profile and other friends walls who don’t mind you posting viral stuff. You can also tag strangers onto your video, but I would suggest you to stay away from that cheap technique.

    You cannot piss off your people to unlike your pages. So don’t make the mistake of tagging unknown people onto your videos. I have found that Facebook is very much okay with videos where were first uploaded on Facebook itself. But never leave a source a bottom. If you write a source a bottom, you are clearly giving a hint to Facebook that you don’t own the content. So why to invite more troubles?

    When to Post your Viral Content?

    The best time to make your content viral is early evenings. People tend to share a lot of stuff on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Post your content after 5pm IST and check the engagement via Facebook Insights. Your page insights can show you a detailed view on when people engaged the maximum. Try to learn some basic analytics on how to play with your data.

    posting videos without ban

    I posted almost all the content after 5 PM, which gave me a whooping 200K likes in just 30 days. People tend to share your content every single day when they love your posts. Try to engage them by replying to the comments, inquiring and messages. Don’t hurt anyone with your content or behavior. Maintain a long term relationship with your Fans, so that you can grab the awesome ROI via posts or publicity.

    Why do I even need a viral Facebook Fanpage?

    You might have heard about Google Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird and other major penalties. All of these updates are made to ruin your online blog business if they lack in quality. Facebook doesn’t have that risk of penalties or traffic drop. Once people like your stuff, they tend to share your blog articles, posts and sometimes promotions.

    coolpctips facebook page rank 5

    There are literally hundreds of benefits of having a viral Facebook page. One of my favorite is Fanpage Page rank. Once you have achieved a Page rank of 5, your articles will get more search reach and SERP positions. Sending a backlinks from PR 5 is no joke my dear friend. It might be a nofollow link, but Moz clearly mentioned that Google ranks blog articles and content based on its social engagement, reach and nofollow links.

    We worked hard to achieve 200k+ likes and PR 5 for our Fan page. Now its your turn to work hard. Try to post engaging stuff with your Facebook fans. I believe this article will bring you a lot of confidence, boost and knowledge to make your Fan page viral. Do let me know if you need any help. Waiting for your valuable comments. Share the love! 🙂