Hindu Samiti website flaunts PM, Subramanian Swamy praise

NEW DELHII:Hours after Panvel resident Virendra Tawde – identified as chief co-coordinator of Hindu Janjagruti Samiti (HJS) by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) – was arrested in connection with the murder of Dr Narendra Dabholkar, the organisation termed the probe agency’s action a ‘conspiracy’ against Hindu groups.

HJS spokesperson Sunil Dhanvat, while maintaining Tawde’s innocence, claimed that although the arrested accused had not been associated with the group since 2007, it will continue to stand with him. But a look at the documented activities of the group paints a different picture, with Tawde’s recorded lectures given much after 2007. It is, however, not Tawde’s lectures alone that the website propagates, but ideas which to the least can e considered as anti-minority.

Furthermore, the official website of HJS displays appreciation it has received for its work from eminent personalities including Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP leader Subramanian Swamy in detail, but even more elaborate is the group’s standard operating procedures while imparting ‘self-defence’ training in Hindu society with a special focus on the youth.
Under the section ‘What HJS is doing for establishment of Hindu Rashtra?’, the author goes on to write, “In addition to uniting Hindus, it is necessary that they be made physically strong to establish the Hindu nation. The activity to unite the weak Hindus and make them strong includes organising free self-defence training classes at various places to teach self-defence techniques such as karate, wielding sticks etc. When the Hindus will unite and become strong through these classes, it will effectively repulse the onslaughts on Hindu Dharma.”
By its own account, the HJS teaches its members and the young to defend themselves with the help of sticks, Nanchaku, catapult and also trains them in karate. The right-wing group claims that the training is strictly a protective measure from ‘anti-Hindu mobs’ and the HJS ideology does not teach to target any specific religion. Yet the use of words and imagery by the group quite telling. “Impress upon everyone that birthdays should not be celebrated as per the Christian date and by cutting a cake, but on the tithi (Lunar day) by performing aukshan as per Hindu scriptures,” reads the website. Another section asked for “Protection from anti-Hindu sects” and goes on to read, “Fanatics indulge in attacking Hindu processions, rioting, abducting Hindu girls through ‘Love Jihad’, cow-slaughter etc. Christians convert Hindus through lure, deceit or force. Protect Hindu Dharma and the society from such attacks.”
A whole section dedicated to “Activities for protection of the mother tongue, the nation and dharma” details the dos and don’ts for children being trained by HJS. Changing names of places that are named after ‘invaders’, ‘lawfully reprimand those who ridicule Deities, Saints and Hindu religious customs’, opposing celebration of New Years’s, Valentines day and symbols of slavery that includes tie’s ,skirts and informing police about anti-national activity are some of the things that the group expects its followers to do. It does consider corruption as an extremely evil practice and asks members to fight it.
Along with HJS, Sanathan Sanstha is another group which seems to be in the docks after CBI said its member Sarang Akolkar was allegedly involved in Dabhokar murder. The HJS and Sanstha work in tandem, according to spokesperson Abhat Vatkar, who also said it stands in solidarity with Tawde.
But manuals published by Sanathan Sanstha, which also incite and teach its members on how to use a gun and speak of “self defence”, might be something which could attract CBI’s attention as well.
Like HJS, many of the books and manuals of the Sanatan Sanstha have sketches depicting Hindus – dressed in kurta-pajama and Gandhi cap – totting guns. Sanatan Prabhat newspaper – the mouthpiece of the organisation – regularly makes provocative announcements, urging its members to become Hindu Naxalites to form a Hindu nation, following an attack or incident. It also publishes pictures of activists – Sanstha’s Sadhaks receiving commando training.
The groups, especially HJS, does not shy away from its stands on political issues especially with regards to cow slaughter and love jihad. It has even put up statements apparently made by PM Modi, then CM of Gujarat, and BJP MP Subrimanian Swamy in 2013 and 2012 respectively, congratulating HJS for successfully organising All Hindu conventions in Goa.
“The British subverted India’s mind just as of a lion in a circus is brainwashed from a cub to behave as an obedient dog to commands from the Ring Master. Thus the Hindu’s pyche was badly dented by 1900. Today we need a War of Independence, again in our mindset to liberate us from the circus lion status and recover our Virat Hindutva values. Let us work together to send 50 Virat Hindus to Parliament in the next election. No Parliament in a coalition framework can run without these 50 MPs. It now depends on us to unite enough Hindus to achieve our goal,” reads a statement by Swamy.
“Closeness to love, humanity and divinity, giving priority to non-violence, truth and ‘sattvikata’ are the principles followed by Hindus in leading their life but to have to resist brutal, inhuman tendencies seems to be the destiny of Hindus. It has been our tradition to be alert every moment and raise voice against oppression,” reads a quote taken from a letter apparently written by the Prime Minister in June 2013.
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