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Wardrobe rage and online outrage, writes Priyanka Chaturvedi

Have you, dear reader (especially the women readers), had a moment to stand in front of your wardrobe and worry about not having anything to wear? Often? For me, it is an everyday experience!

Well, till now I believed that it was a womanly thing to do, have a full wardrobe but have nothing to wear! It was about making that an excuse to go and shop for stuff to fill your cupboard some more and yet crib about deciding what to wear! But this week, I learned that this is a problem and it has also been identified and named: it is called wardrobe rage. Also, I learned that it is stress-related or it can lead to stress. Well, till now, I thought it was otherwise, but such studies make me wonder! I am willing to outrage on this study and I am sure I will get tons of support from our mahila gang. No?

In other news, was wondering what a filmmaker should do these times to get a movie cleared without cuts and without upsetting our sanskari Censor Board. If Udta Punjab becomes Udta Pannchi, also with the suggested 90 cuts becomes a SnapChat video will it solve the problems of Punjab? Oh wait, there are no problems in the state and none whatsoever in the country all this is a made-up controversy! So next time when a filmmaker decides to make a movie he needs to keep in mind that it has to, strictly be, a nice family entertainer or a musical with lots of nice songs and dances which have only good things to say about the country. Else kaichi chal jayegi, boss!

So a girl tweeted her condolences for the legendary Muhammad Ali, who she mistakenly thought was a footballer. The recent entrant to Twitter didn’t know how the medium can be and her tweet became viral with potshots taken at her expense. It forced her to get off Twitter for a while and also took her to the front pages of a few leading newspapers. Must be a good feeling to have felt superior about pointing a finger at a mistake of ‘epic proportions’ that could probably change the dynamics of the world. We are like this wonly.

Meanwhile, the only progress on SnapChat for me has been that now my daughter wants to make funny videos or funny pics with silly expressions and I still haven’t understood how or rather why she does all that! The app is almost close to getting deleted from my phone.

Recently, at a discussion on how to better Indo-Pak relations, I was reminded of Taher Shah’s Angel song that made all of us laugh together minus the borders, but did you know we’ve gone one better on that front, too? Our very own Jacintha Morris has become the next big sensation in the online world. What? You haven’t heard her yet? Do so now! Weekend entertainment for all music lovers!

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