YouTube starts rolling out ‘smart offline’ in India

YouTube rolled out a new feature on Thursday (June 9th) with the economical Indian in mind. The new feature called ‘Smart Offline’ will now let users download a video via mobile cellular data for cheaper at night on the YouTube app in India.

“Today, we are beginning to roll out a feature called Smart Offline on YouTube that lets you take advantage of these cheaper data rates as offered by your mobile operator, without requiring you to stay up late at night,” wrote Google-owned YouTube on its official blog.

Upon tapping the grey download button to save the video offline, users will be given the option to “save overnight” and avail for discounted night data rates by cellular network operators.
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As of now, the new feature is only available for Airtel and Telenor users though the company has plans to roll it out to the rest of India.

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Keep in mind that if you want to use this new feature you will have to update your smartphone with the latest version of YouTube