Now a bartender in a packet or a bottle

Yes, you heard that right! Light House Cafe (LHC) and The Daily Bar and Kitchen are planning to don party hats for you, preparing some delicious cocktails and mixes and delivering it to your doorstep. While Light House Cafe has introduced Cocktail Pre Mixes (without alcohol), The Daily Bar and Kitchen has taken it a step further introducing bartender in a bottle.

How the bottle became the bartender?

Dishant Pritamani, owner of The Daily Bar & Kitchen, says, “We are always striving to do new things that are both quirky and functional. This time around we tried to fit our in-house mixologist Rohit Hegde in a bottle, but that clearly didn’t work out since he is a six foot man! So we’ve created our very own dapper ‘Bartender in a Bottle’ — a sleek takeaway cocktail bottle dressed as a bartender! You can choose any cocktail from The Daily’s menu (except for molecular cocktails), pick any number of these swanky bottles from the bar and take them home! All you need to do is add some ice and drink up.” The bottle is priced at Rs 1,500 (inclusive of taxes) and serves five cocktails (200 ml each with ice). The service will be launched in a fortnight. Another cafe and bar that’s hoping to keep things easy and interesting by providing you with ready to use cocktail pre-mixes minus alcohol is the Light House Cafe. To start off, they have launched a menu with 18 cocktail pre-mixes which has a range of cocktails where one can choose from white rum, vodka, whiskey, gin, wine, beer, tequila or a mocktail base. Each mix serves one having 150 ml of pre-mix content packed in individual containers. Priced between Rs 60 to 110 inclusive of delivery charges. Delivered between 20 to 45 minutes, the mix stays for three days if refrigerated and stays for three hours if kept at room temperature once delivered.

LHC’s list of pre-mixes include TY Elderflower (Flavour of green tea, elderflower and ginger — white rum base), Cocktail Indiana Base (paan flavour, cloves and in-house lemon mix— vodka base), Bartender Special Mix (Basil and peach extract with lemon and orange flavour — whiskey base), Basil Berry Lemon Mix (Lhc strawberry mix, basil and lemon extract — gin base), Sangrias mix (Fresh fruits, juices and LHC sangria mix —wine base), Herbed beer mix (Herbed Blended mix of apple, ginger and cinnamon—beer base), Margarita Mix (Nac t-sec and classic margarita mix— tequila base) and many more.

Karan Dharod, co-owner, Light House Cafe, adds, “This is a unique concept and will cater to major house/office parties as you get the right cocktail mix delivered at your doorstep. Our best selling mix is called Exactly, a whiskey-based cocktail with celery and basil lime flavours.” So, go ahead and say cheers to the bartender in his/her new avatar.