In Assam comes to an Economic blocked of temporary blackball

economic blockade in Assam

Tezpur, February 12, Jasmine Ahmed: After end of the eight-day long economic blockade in Assam against Arunachal Pradesh came to this point that they temporary stop the agitators demand for the arrest of those people who are involved in the killing of 11CPI(ML) supporters, within the span of some of twenty days. The agitation that was maintained by various organizations in the state was temporarily withdrawn after giving a meeting with the district administration at Biswanath Chariali to make a final settlement on the grave issue.

When the blackball is began after it eleven Assamese men were killed by the Miscreants from Arunachal Pradesh in Chouldhowa under Behali Reserve Forest on January 29, triggering a sense of fear and rage among the localities.

While submitting the statement to the Deputy Commissioner, Sonitpur and its  addressed by Assam’s Respectable  Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi, the organizations gave the Government a time limit of twenty days for placed forth four special demands- soliciting compensation for the victims’ families, deal of the pending inter-state border dispute  the Assam and Arunachal frontier areas, admonitory to the accused involved in the killing and to provide adequate protection to residing in the wider areas.

At Charidwar under Charidwar PS and at Borgang under Biwanath PS in Sonitpur district, more-than-a-week-long economic blockade was initiated.  Affecting several parts of the hill states, the economic blockade restricted the supply of essential goods and commodities leading to scarcity of food items and fuel.