Make way for the man perm

Fictional characters have often inspired real-life hair trends. The latest is Kit Harington (aka Jon Snow) from Game of Thrones, who has men queuing up at salons for perms. The man perm, also called merm, is nothing new, but while most would hesitate in getting one considering the upkeep that’s required, now men don’t seem to mind. Those in the UK and US are asking barbers for soft lustrous curls like Kit. A couple of years ago, Bradley Cooper flaunted a perm for his role in American Hustle, but while his was tightly bound spirals, men today want a scruffy textured look to add to their sex appeal. The Japanese and Korean have also caught on to the trend, would Indians follow suit?

Play up the volume
Jay Kishen Pawar, master barber and assistant manager in training, Truefitt & Hill says there is a huge fan following of this series in India, which has made this look quite famous among the youth. “There are men in India who have naturally wavy and curly hair. So men with this hair type prefer to opt for the Jon Snow look. For those who have natural waves, the best way to style them is to highlight the hair volume and avoid products which will cut down your natural volume. Add some shine and hold with a serum. Curly hair tends to turn frizzy easily so oiling of the scalp and use of anti-frizz products helps.”

Curls not trendy in India
Curly hair has always stood out as a style defining and character defining texture. Personally, it’s challenging as this texture can have a mind of its own, explains Monaz Cooper, stylist, hair expert and owner, Kamal’s Unisex Salon. “Curly hair has not caught up as a trend in India. Those with curls usually crave straight hair for better maintenance. However, according to me, it’s a brilliant texture to experiment with and of course, looks sultry if the correct styling products are used. Most Indian men don’t desire curly hair. This is simply because most are born with it and are ignorant of how textured and disciplined curls can look. For hair that is naturally wavy or curly, it is best not to over dry it. The more your hair is influenced by artificial or natural heat the more frizzy, dry and uncultured it will look. The key is to moisturise.”

Finger style your locks
Najeeb Ur Rehman, head professional partnership services, Schwarzkopf Professional, Henkel Beauty Care, India says while Jon Snow looks great, this style has a few restrictions as it’s only suitable for long hair. “Most men in India inherit wavy textured hair, so not many opt for a perm. To achieve this look, it is important to apply a moisturising-cum-styling cream, which provides volume and definition to the hair. Post which, one can scrunch or finger style the hair as it is the easiest way to style naturally wavy hair. Alternatively, take vertical sections and twist them from roots to the tips. Allow it to dry and achieve the desired results. Using a styling product can help.”