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Sonam is a chameleon: Pernia Qureshi

Style maven Pernia Qureshi is extremely observant and indulges in people-watching all the time. She soaks in everything — from movies to art to people —and this vast wealth of inspiration finds its way in her creations. “I am a sensitive person and have my ears and eyes always open. Besides, I’m a huge movie buff and love dance.”

Not surprising as her new line captures the old world regalia of actress Vyjayanthimala so ably essayed in the cult dance-inspired film Amrapali. Qureshi’s friend Sonam Kapoor will be walking the ramp for her. Over to Miss Qureshi…

Tell us about Sonam Kapoor’s outfit.
It’s very ethereal, goddess-like but in a modern way and at the same time quite wearable. Sonam is a chameleon and can carry off just any style under the sun. She is capable of doing full justice to any style of clothing. My line oozes elegance and it completely befits Sonam’s personality. The collection is about grace and grace is something which Sonam has in abundance. At the same time, it’s a young and fun collection. I have been a huge fan of Vyjayanthimala in the epic film Amrapali and the line is a modern version of that aesthetic.

You’ve worked with Sonam in Aisha and she’s walking for you after a long time. How do you two share your creative canvas?
I think Sonam and I have a similar work synergy. We get each other. Having said that, we haven’t worked together in a long time and she’s walking for me as a friend.

Aisha was the time when Sonam started out her career. How do you see her evolution over the years as a fashionista?
She’s come into her own. With time one grows and gets matured. She was always confident and stylish and now I see a certain maturity in her.

What does brand Pernia Qureshi stand for?
I think it’s too new as it’s just a four-year-old label and I still need some time to find my voice. It’s still evolving but I’d say that it represents elegance and sophistication. I’m trying to discover my own voice by putting myself out there with a show like this. It’s my first show and so far I have retailed from my shop.

What have been your learnings as a fashion entrepreneur?
The more you see, the more educated you become. I think there’s a lot of fashion potential in India. Being part of the industry, I’m well-informed as to where fashion in India is headed. I’ve been lucky to be part of the fashion story as I am passionate about it and it really interests me. The whole idea behind the pop-up store was to put India on the global firmament. Having worked with so many designers and brands, I am able to take better decisions as an entrepreneur.

Is there a style icon you admire?
I observe a lot of street style. I’d say Rekhaji is eternally stylish and sexy. One looks at everyone but it’s crucial to nurture one’s own sensibility.

How’s your personal style?
Feminine, classic with a fun twist. I have a weakness for whites, pastels, greys and blacks. I think shift dresses are most comfortable to wear. Style should be simple, the simpler, the better. Having said that, once in a while one can go crazy.

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