I’d gladly go obese… : John Abraham

Actors gain and lose weight for films, depending on the kind of film they are doing and the kind of physical training they need to do for that. But this constant fluctuation is bad for the body.

Fitness freak John Abraham, however, says he does not believe in making his body do a yo-yo between films. He says, “I try and keep my body in the same shape 365 days of the year. For me, being fit is a way of life, not a phase in life. Unless, of course, the role requires me to go obese, which I would gladly do. I work out and eat healthy all year round.”

Putting on weight for a role seems to be the new fad after Aamir Khan did it for Dangal, and Salman Khan did it for Sultan. Express doubt that someone as committed to staying fit as John would even consider it and he says, “For the love of the role, I would love to put on weight but at some point of time. However, the way I am being cast now in a particular manner or particular role requires me to be physically fit, be it Rocky Handsome, Dishoom or Force 2, so I am maintaining that shape. But after that, I am ready to do anything that a role demands.”