LeEco Le Max 2 and Le 2 first impressions: The phones are the ecosystem are the phones

The LeEco launch event today was, unlike most other phone launches, different. Sure, it featured the expected blend of new hardware and capabilities (like the introduction of an audio decoder built into their headphones for a more faithful lossless audio experience.)

But the real story is in the universe of audio and video content that the company is busy building. From live streaming television channels, to Hollywood and Bollywood movies, to music concerts to even original content, LeEco has squarely set its sights on grabbing a share of the ever-growing streaming video market in India. The new phones launched today will be two of many vehicles on which this content will eventually be consumed.

A quick look at the phones proves there are no new design surprises–both phones use the same design language as that of the original Le 1s.
The full-metal construction, the bezel-less screen sides and the fingerprint sensor at rear are all familiar. Also, they both continue the tradition of excluding the familiar 3.5mm audio jack, a choice that may be hard to swallow for most regular users. If you need to listen to music over headphones, you’ll have to use Bluetooth or a converter for the Type-C USB connector at the bottom of the unit.

The phones are obviously based on new processing platforms, both from Qualcomm. The Le 2 uses the new octa-core Snapdragon 652 (using four Cortex A53 and four A72 cores) while the bigger Le Max 2 opts for the top-of-the-line Snapdragon 820 that uses the new Kryo processing cores.
There’s little to say about these phones except that they’re tangibly responsive. Loading up apps and multitasking proved to be no problem, although specific performance will show through only after our full-fledged testing.

These phones propagate the familiar circular button on the home screen for quick access to their video platform and the phone’s user interface, though skinned, is slick and with minimal app overload.
Stay tuned for the full review of these phones–and their content services–coming to up shortly.