‘Sathuranga Vettai’ actress Ishaara Nair accuses director of sexual harassment

Actress Ishara Nair shot to fame in Tamil cinema with her role in Sathurnaga Vettai but now she finds herself in the middle of a controversy. Two days back it was reported by media in Chennai that a complaint had been filed by the producers against her for not showing up for the shoot of Engada Irundheenga Ivvalu Naala, which has Akhil of Kaloori fame as the hero.

Today, Ishaara has spoken to The Times of India stating that she was sexually harassed by the director of the film Kevin Joseph. She said she was unhappy with how the director Kevin Joseph treated her. He reportedly addressed her as ‘va dee, po dee’ which is considered disrespectful in Tamil. Moreover, she says that he touched her inappropriately and asked her to do a vulgar scene which she was not comfortable with. He also reportedly explained things to her in a vulgar manner on set in front of the crew, as per the report in the daily.

She has also told the daily that she gave dates for the film over six months, but the filmmakers did not make use of the dates given to them. They reportedly shot just for two days.
The director Kevin Joseph has refuted the charges saying there is no vulgarity in the film and that he did not mean any disrespect towards her. He has also told the daily there could have been a misunderstanding regarding the scene as she is supposed to act sensually in it. He also told the daily he was willing to apologise and she could bring her own people to the set to feel safe, but that he wanted to complete the film.