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ESPN India and Twitter launch #TwitterPostbox

MUMBAI:ESPN India and Twitter have come together to launch #TwitterPostbox, a daily utility service for sports fans. Sports enthusiasts can subscribe for free to their favourite sport, simply by sending a Tweet. to get a daily Direct Message on the day’s best sports stories.

To subscribe to #TwitterPostbox, fans have to follow @ESPNIndia and Tweet to @ESPNIndia with #Cricket or #Tennis or #Football or #Olympics or #F1, to know the latest on their favourite sport. They can also subscribe to multiple sports at a time by Tweeting with multiple hashtags in a single Tweet. This one-time subscription will ensure fans receive a Direct Message from @ESPNIndia on Twitter everyday. The message will contain @ESPNIndia’s Top Tweet of the Day on the sport a user has chosen; the Tweet will include a link to a published article that users can click on and read more.

TwitterPostbox Follow us and tweet @ESPNIndia with #Cricket or #Tennis or #Olympics or #Football or #F1 to get daily Direct Messages

— ESPN India (@ESPNIndia) June 2, 2016
Aneesh Madani, Head of Sports Partnerships, Twitter India, said, “Twitter is the best place to wake up to and see what is happening in the world, and we are very excited to partner with ESPN India to launch a first-of-its-kind daily utility service for fans to be served directly with the best news of the day from their favourite sport.”
And don’t worry, subscriptions don’t mean permanent spam. If you’d ever like to unsubscribe #TwitterPostbox, simply tweet to @ESPNIndia with the #Unsubscribe #Cricket (or whichever other sports you’ve added in the past.

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