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Shed your inhibitions and proudly showcase your beautiful bellies: Shveta Salve

Mumbai:She made her TV debut in Hip Hip Hooray way back in the ‘90s and since then Shveta Salve has been a head-turner thanks to her glamour, bindaas attitude and oodles of sex appeal that is rarely seen on the small screen.

She became a big name after Left Right Left and was amongst the first actresses to participate in the action adventure show Khatron Ke Khiladi. Now this model-turned actress is making waves as a yummy mummy-to-be.

While most women shy away from showing off their baby bump, the actress has been flaunting hers with pictures on social media. Not only that, she also walked the ramp with 12 pregnant women for a skin care brand. And now, she has done a photo shoot that has her showing off her baby bump in a bold, revealing manner. Here Shveta talks about embracing pregnancy and urges women to not be inhibited about it.
You recently did a special photo shoot. What was the thought behind it?
There was no thought behind it. Monisha (Ajgaonkar), who did the photo shoot, is an old friend of mine. I just wanted to capture some of my images and have a memory of this phase of my life. I wanted to do simple pictures, but she suggested that if we are doing it, we should make it more interesting and fun, and so the florals and colour bombs. I believe they turned out to be nice (smiles).
You have also been posting different pictures of yours with your baby bump including one in a bikini, on social media…
(Cuts in) I don’t know why people are talking so much about the bikini picture. I have posted so many other photos. In fact, the first picture of my pregnancy that was posted by a friend of mine was me in a sari. That was when my pregnancy got noticed, but strangely nobody talks about it.
That’s because posing in a bikini during pregnancy is unusual..
Not really. I live in Goa and here you’ll find lots of would-be-mommies wearing a bikini on the beach. Moreover, if I am swimming I will be in swimwear, right? It’s not unusual at all. Swimming is one of the most amazing exercises during pregnancy. Even doctors recommend it. Because there is no gravity, it makes you buoyant and your body floats. It makes you feel lighter. And, I have always loved the beaches and swimming.
You have said earlier that you are planning to have a waterbirth..
Yes, I have read about the process and even spoken to women who have done it here and abroad. My gynaecologist also supports it. If all things go well, that would be my choice.
What message would you give to all the pregnant women out there?
Being pregnant is not some kind of a handicap it is an extension of you. You have to embrace this journey in your life and not be inhibited about it. That was also the message me and other yummy mommies conveyed at the Bio-Oil walk — to shed your inhibitions and proudly showcase your beautiful bellies.
Are you reading a lot of books on pregnancy?
I have always been quite a reader. I like getting into details. The day I discovered that I had conceived I started reading books on how to take care of your body because it undergoes a massive change. One needs to be aware of how to look after your skin and diet. In fact, till recently I was working out — doing pre-natal yoga and light cardio exercises. Now, I am in my third trimester and I am much heavier than what I was, so I am taking it easy. Apart from books, today everything is accessible on smart phone. So, I have some pregnancy apps that help track my pregnancy and weight. It’s easier for today’s mommies than what it was earlier.
How much has your husband Hermit Sethi supported you through the pregnancy?
He has been fabulous. I wouldn’t have been able to do all this without his help. It’s not just me being pregnant, he is sharing my journey. Apart from that he keeps saying ‘I am getting fatter along with you’ because when I eat, he eats with me!
Being pregnant also means crankiness and hormonal changes. How do you cope with that?
Fortunately, my pregnancy has been quite smooth-sailing. I never had morning sickness or nausea. I travelled a lot during my pregnancy and was extremely active. But now that I am in my eighth month, I am definitely heavier and my feet are swelling, but that’s not such a big hindrance. If you take it in your stride and not let it affect you, you are normal. My husband hasn’t complained about me being cranky or having hormonal changes, so there!
But yes, these days I have chocolate cravings, though I watch what I eat and make sure it is right.
Have you zeroed down on any names for the baby? Also, are you hoping for a boy or a girl?
I am hoping to have a healthy baby and have shortlisted a few names.
Are you planning to record the birth of your baby?
We have not decided yet.

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