Haflong: The only Hill station of Assam

Sivasagar, Prangan Duarah: The beauty of the hills has captivated millions including some great artist, poets, writers etc. Hill stations are the place where you can refresh yourself and make your mind cool. Along with that if you want to escape from the warm summer temperature of the city then Hill stations are the best place to hide. Haflong, which is also known as “White Ant Hillock”, is the only hill station of Assam, which is situated at an altitude of 680 m from the sea level. Head Quarter of North Cachar Hills, Haflong is about 345 km from Guwahati, the capital of Assam. Loaded with scenic beauty Haflong is a place worth more than a visit. It also has a colonial history like most of the other hill stations in India and one can still find the remains of British rule in the architecture of some of the buildings.

Photo: Haflong: the only hill station of Assam #copied

Along with its scenic beauty, the hills of Haflong houses the some rare species of orchids and more than 2 lake varieties of flowers. The Dimasa, the Jema Nagas, the Hmars, the Hrankhols, the Biates, the Vaipheis, the Karbis, the Jaintia, the Khelmas and the Thadou Kuki tribes are the inhabitant of Haflong who live in the midst of natural beauty. Commonly known as Death Valley of Birds, Jatinga is another attraction for the tourist in Haflong. Jatinga is a small village which is famous for the bird mystery, where birds come from different regions to commit suicide.  It is a mysterious phenomenon as the bird is not known to have suicide tendencies. There are certain criteria to be fulfilled for this phenomenon to take place like there should be fog, cloud, and mist. This phenomenon takes place in between August and November. One can view the suicides from an observatory tower here. The Haflong Lake, which is also known as the Scotland of Assam, is the one of the popular tourist spots in Haflong. Boating in this lake is another thrill for adventure lover while travelling Haflong. The lake of Haflong is a real thrill. The hilltops of Haflong provide wonderful views of the nearby Borail Mountains. Adventure enthusiasts can enjoy trekking on the Borail range, hang-gliding, and paragliding. Watching the rich cultural heritage, enjoying traditional dance and testing mouthwatering traditional foods are the other attractions in Haflong. Haflong is a perfect place for a mind refreshing vacation. It is a potential tourist spot, which can play a significant role in Assam’s economy. The only requirement for this is a little bit of government attention.