India is an untapped economy: Nikki Haley

SOUTH CAROLINA:Governor Nikki Haley is betting big on India as she is aggressively wooing companies and talent from the South Asian nation to set up businesses in the United States of America.

Nikki Haley

“India is an untapped economy. We welcome as many companies that want to come here. We were pleasantly surprised so many wanted to come to America,” said Ms. Haley, the first female governor of South Carolina and currently the youngest governor in the United States.

“Our idea of success is not put the shovel on the ground or cut the first ribbon. Our idea of success is when a company expands,” said Ms. Haley, whose team is making several visits to India to scout for Indian companies.

Ms. Haley, who was touted as a potential Republican vice-presidential nominee, said she was looking forward to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the United States in June when he would address a joint sitting of the U.S Congress. She said Mr. Modi had the responsibility to sell India and create business relationship with other countries.

“More importantly it is not for him to just come here and say that he (Mr. Modi) is an ally. But lot of people want to know what he is doing to spur business between the two countries,” said Ms. Haley. “I hope he would talk as much about what he is doing in India as what he could do to do better trade deals with us,” she said. Ms. Haley said when a company sets up business in South Carolina and creates jobs, her team makes sure to hand hold the company and provide infrastructure and tax credits.

Indian firms
Her state South Carolina, which is in the south-eastern region of the U.S., has attracted six Indian-based companies to set up their business. These include engineering services firm QuEST Global Services NA, business process outsourcing services organisation WNS Limited and warehousing and storage company Himatsingka America.

(The writer is in the United States at the invitation of the U.S Government)