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How Contentmart can be a most useful tool for big corporates in India?

Mumbai(Indilens Business Team): Big corporates today in or outside India are highly dependent on digital marketing for their promotions. And, digital marketing is highly dependent on content marketing. A successful digital marketing plan for an organization would include different marketing strategies depending on different types of content.

Hence there is a big demand in the market for content writers. Hiring a full time content writer is an option. On the other hand big corporates can spare themselves with another hiring procedure going through different candidatures and hire freelance writers. Not only does it save time and money, it also lets the corporate use different mediums and bring variety in writing styles.

One medium that connects clients such as big corporates and freelance writers is Contentmart. Here are some of the reasons how contentmart can help big corporates in India:

Cost effective

Hiring a full time writer can cost you a lot more than a freelance content writer. Also, you can pick the writer according to the bid that they put on your project through contentmart. The writers create a portfolio that helps the organizations understand their writing style and quality of work.

Flexible (Get your work done as per your deadlines)

Contentmart lets you set your deadlines as a client. The writers are able to see the deadline that you have chosen and only then do they bid on the project. So you do not have to worry about pushing your staff, the mentioned deadline does that for you. Its flexibility is one reason you must pick freelance writers from this platform.

Quick response and deliveries

Contentmart in its few months of inception has gained popularity and trust of clients as well writers. Its easy procedure secures delivery for your request and that too in the given time frame. You can set yourself free from pushing from your employees and running after them to get the work done. All you have to do is post your project, rate and deadline and simply receive the completed assignment from the writers.

Hassle Free Payments

Contentmart eases the payment procedure for you. It includes no transaction through bank accounts. All you have to do is recharge your amount and assign the work.

Creative resources for each category

Another major benefit that big organizations can have using contentmart is different resources for different categories. Suppose you are an online retail that deals in a number of categories. You can find creative resources for each category. There will be some writing good about shoes, some about clothes and some about other categories. So, you do not have to stick to one.

Freedom from legal issues, freedom hiring and paper works (easy to outsource option)

On board hiring includes a lot of legal issues and paper work. Plus you have to fetch out a fixed pay even if you do not require the same amount of work every month. You can free yourself from these hassles through Contentmart.com. As described earlier, it is the easiest way through which clients can connect to writers. 

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