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Hot weather hair dos

With the rising temperatures and humidity levels in the city, hair tends to get sweaty and frizzy. Despite one’s best efforts to stay cool, there’s little one can do to keep hair in check. Instead of heading to the salon for a blowout, here are some quick and easy ways to keep hair looking fresh.

Go for braids
Nancy Sutaria, senior stylist, Salon MUAH says some of the quick and easy ways to sport your hair during the summer are braids and buns. The best part is these work with all hair types and texture. “A side bun is a go-to option in case of a semi-formal or formal event. Be it a LBD or even a sari, it looks good with Indian or western outfits. For this look, secure all the hair with an elastic (preferably a transparent one that conceals easily) in case of short layers, the hair around the face might not be long enough to reach the elastic but don’t worry, this hair can be roughly twisted and tucked in with a bobby pin. The hair in the elastic can be done in a French twist or a fishtail braid and wrapped around to make a bun. Once in place use pins to secure it. Power braids are trending, influenced by the ever so popular Game of Thrones. One can do two Dutch braids or a single inverted Dutch braid from the top of the head to the nape to give a mohawk look. For a more feminine look, take a center part and make two inverted Dutch braids on either sides. Now slightly pull out each section of the braid to give it a fuller look and pin the braids to give it a bun appearance.”

Knot it up
Adhuna Bhabani, founder and creative director, BBLUNT says women with long hair who are not ready to cut it off this summer can opt for long but soft layers framing their faces. “The long layers allow for the hair to be pulled up into a trendy top knot when it gets too hot. The half top knot is another sassy, cool option to beat the heat in style. It’s easy to style and can be done with just about any length of hair. A layered bob sitting above the shoulders is ideal for this weather. It’s lightweight, has beautiful movement and at the same time can be worn scrunched, out of bed or even sleek straight. Using a versatile anti-frizz leave-in cream can really help keep this look styled to perfection. Another rage is the undercut. This is a cut where you can hide and show-off the style depending on your mood, whenever you want to,” she adds.
Fun with accessories
Placid Braganza, Sebastian design artist and Wella expert says most women are not comfortable cutting their hair short. “For those who are willing to get cropped, the pixie cut is one option that can be worked around and styled differently. A high ponytail is a good idea to keep the hair off the face. Use pretty accessories to add a glam element. It’s best to avoid a blow dry during this season as it’s not going to last. Instead fishtail or side or rope braids are a fuss-free option.”

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