Viva Chennai holds Indian Bank

CHENNAI:Viva Chennai held Indian Bank 2-2 at the Nehru Stadium on Wednesday to finish with 25 points from 11 games, and share the top spot with Chennai FC in the CFA senior division football league.

However, if Chennai FC wins RBI on Thursday it will emerge champion, pending clarity from its court case with CFA, and a complaint against its foreign player N.D. Opara.

Oletju Joseph Abhi scored in the second minute to put Indian Bank ahead; his kick from the left edge of the box hit the top right of the net.

In the next few minutes, Viva Chennai’s persistent attempts in search of an equaliser didn’t bear fruit.

A. Agilan couldn’t head Bolanle Kazheem Amobi’s aerial cross from the extreme right.

Balwinder Singh’s free-kick, taken at the right, went unutilised.

Orok Essien Orok’s cross to Amobi, from the left, was impeded by the goalkeeper; the back-to-back corners that entailed — one each at the left and right corners — weren’t useful either.

Indian Bank, in between, tried in vain to stretch the lead.

However, both teams scored a goal apiece in the last 12 minutes before break.

Even as Amobi scored for Viva to draw level in the 35th minute, Oletju’s strike in the added time made sure that Indian Bank led again at the break.

In the second half, Orok helped Viva pull back in the 68th minute, scoring off Amobi’s pass as desperation gripped either side. Neither could nudge ahead though.

The results:

Senior div: AGORC 6 (Raegan 4, 10, 72, Praveendran 13, Vijay Ragavendra 27, Dhivagar 32) bt RBI 1 (Bosco Antony 62).

Viva Chennai FC 2 (Bolanle Kazheem Amobi 35, Orok Essein Orok 68) drew with Indian Bank 2 (Oletju Joseph Abhi 2, 45+1).