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Top 5 CMs of Assam,played a vital role in post independent Assam history

Sivasagar, Prangan Duarah: There are several CMs of Assam till date who have left their footsteps in their remarkable work they have done. 15 people have served as a chief minister of Assam till date. Some of them tried to shape Assam while a few of them only betrayed the people of Assam. From the year 1946 to till date here I have mentioned a few names of CMs, who played a vital role in the history of Assam.

1. Gopinath Bordoloi

A leading Indian activist Gopinath Bordoloi was the first Chief-Minister of Assam. After India’s Independence, he worked closely with Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel to secure the sovereignty of Assam against China on one hand and Pakistan on the other. At the time of independence, the British government tried to divide the country on religious community basis by creating Hindu and Muslim majority states and leave them quarreling forever. But Gopi Nath Bardoloi was the one who played a vital role in saving Assam becoming an Islamic state more than six decades ago. The title “Lokapriya” (loved by all) conferred to him by the then Governor of Assam Jayram Das Doulatram, due to his unselfish dedication towards Assam and its people. Lokapriya Gopinath bordoloi was also awarded the Bharat-Ratna posthumously in 1999.

2. Bishnu Ram Medhi

Bishnuram Medhi was an Indian politician and freedom-fighter who served as the Chief Minister of Assam from 1950 to 1957 and also served as a Governor of Madras. Medhi’s contribution for the development and establishment of North Bengal and Assam is unforgettable. He served the people of Assam until his death. His commitment towards his work brought him honor and respect from all who knew him.

3. Hiteswar Saikia

Hiteswar Saikia, who was the senior leader of the Indian National Congress, was the chief minister of Assam for two terms, first from February 28, 1983, to December 23, 1985, and then from June 30, 1991, to April 25, 1996. He introduced far-reaching changes in Assam’s field of education by creating a separate “Directorate for Elementary Education” and secondly by introducing term “provincialization of high schools”. In the wake of provincialisation, about 2,500 privately run government-aided high schools came under the direct administration of the government, benefitting both students and teachers financially. He involved in a few big movement of Assam namely The Oil Refinery movement of 1958 and The State Language movement. He allegedly orchestrated a number of “surrenders” of ULFA operatives.

4. Praffula Kumar Mahanta

Praffula Kumar Mahanta served as the chief minister of the state for two terms, (1985–1990) and (1996–2001). He was the leader of Assam movement. And it’s believed that he was the leader of the secret killing of Assam against families of ULFA members which is the darkest chapter of Assam history. A number of family members of ULFA leaders were assassinated by unidentified gunmen during his leadership. He has betrayed the people of Assam during this leadership.

5. Tarun Gogoi

Tarun Gogoi is an Indian politician who served as the Chief Minister of Assam from 2001 to 2016. Leading the Congress to victory in three consecutive legislative assembly elections, Tarun Gogoi has been the longest serving Chief Minister of Assam, but he failed to solve some major problems of Assam like one-horned rhino killing, flood, terrorism, Bangladeshi infiltration etc.

On 24th May 2016, Sarbananda Sonowal took oath as the first BJP chief Minister of Assam. People of Assam voted for a change this time. He brings new hope to the people of Assam. Now the people of Assam are waiting for a change. Will he bring change?