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Designer diary: As(h) you like it

MUMBAI:Purple lipstick, froo froo gowns in floral print, and black dress that made me see red. Not what I was looking for. I liked the gold cape shimmer drama dress though. In case you haven’t guessed yet, I am talking about Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s outing at Cannes red carpet.

A stylist friend of mine asks: How can she go wrong every year? I said, “If you were paid the kind of money she gets to go on the red carpet, you wouldn’t question what to wear either. Forget Purple, you would even a neon green lipstick and go.” My friend snapped back, “Maybe not. But truth be told, I didn’t quiet mind the colour purple and if she was smart, she would’ve worked it in her favour by saying it way of paying tribute to my Prince.”

I feel bad for Ash. If she tries something out there, they pull her down. If she doesn’t push the envelope, they diss her for playing it safe.

While on Ash, I went for the premiere of Sarbjit. There she was radiant as ever with hubby. On-screen I only had eyes for Randeep Hooda. I wondered how he had shed all that weight (I can’t even lose an ounce). His getup was great too. From the fake nails to teeth, the scars on his body… Add to that his dialect and body language and I was blown away by his performance. But the film was to long and too depressing. No one wants that when they go to see a film. Correct?