Returning to the flip-phone era with Moto Razr

A clamshell phone, aka flip phone was all the rage once. In 1996, these dominated the mobile phone market with Moto having many variants like Moto Razr v3i, Moto Pebl, and many others. Even a basic camera mobile was considered somewhat of a drag, compared to flip open the phone to attend a call and end it, as we close.

In 2004 when it was launched, the Moto Razr v3 was the most expensive one with a price tag of Rs. 31,000/- It had no expandable memory. Over the next few years, different versions came out.

If the Internet is to be believed, Motorola, now owned by Lenovo, is planning to release the iconic Razr again, evident from this teaser:

The video shows the cool kids of a school using the Moto Razr. Even if teens are their USP, we cannot say it’ll do well in this age.

Samsung does have a flip phone, its W2016 Android handset that has a touchscreen, 3GB RAM and a 16 MP camera.

The Internet is buzzing with sources saying that the new model of Moto Razr will be powered by Android. We’ll know for sure on June 09, 2016 at a Lenovo event.