Twitter is removing the character count from images and usernames

MUMBAI:It was reported just a week ago that Twitter would be looking to modify the way users interact, allowing them to get more words out of every tweet. It looks like that rollout is finally happening, as the company announced on its blog today.

Senior product manager Todd Sherman today announced that Twitter is removing the character usage from usernames and media in tweets. Translated, that means if you want to tag a Twitter handle or add a picture, you won’t have to pinch the rest of your words to have a whole thought fit. Usernames in replies, pictures, GIFs, and videos no longer count towards your character limit, and the same goes for quote tweets.

In addition, Twitter is also enabling the Retweet and Quote Tweet buttons for your own tweets. The idea is to allow users to repost something they’ve said earlier, without having to rephrase it (if the original tweet hit the character limit). In addition, that also works for a conversation with a single user that you want to be visible to your followers in their feeds. Previously, a tweet beginning with a Twitter handle would only show up for that user, unless someone specifically checked either of your timelines, thus spawning a “.@” trend. Now, tweets beginning with a handle will be visible to all your followers by default.
Sherman says the announcement today is more just to prime both their users as well as developers using their API. The actual update with the new features will roll out over the coming months.