They want to bring black men down: Chris Gayle links racism to sexism row backlash

West Indian swashbuckling batsman Chris Gayle has set the stage for another controversy after making tasteless remarks to a female reporter during a recent interview, which touched upon subjects like sex, women and equality.

According to an article published by the London-based journalist, the 36-year-old, who calls himself the ‘Universe Boss’, asked her whether she had ever had a threesome and claimed to have ‘a very, very big bat, the biggest in the wooooorld’ before adding, ‘You think you could lift it’ You’d need two hands.’ Earlier this year, the maverick batsman had stirred a controversy following his infamous ‘Don’t blush baby’ boundary-line interview with a female television reporter while playing in the Big Bash League. He was later fined US $10,000 for his inappropriate comments.

He added that backlash was due to racism. He said, “If that had been a white footballer saying that, nothing would’ve happened. Rugby player, nothing would’ve happened. Hollywood actor? Tsk.” “Successful black men are struggling because people do things to put them down. They would cover for other people, but not for a black man.”

Even the interviewer, Charlotte Edwardesis, wonders if this is true: “Is that true? Would David Beckham have been so roundly criticised? Or Leonardo DiCaprio? Is this an issue as much about racism as sexism?”

He also tries to explain how Jamaica has a ‘different culture’ and people are more relaxed about sex. He said: “We’re not so hung up about it. This is what people like doing. It’s no big deal.” He adds: “They just want to get a little sniff of the dirt. They find out some s* and they want to sink you. It’s reality. You have to deal with that as a successful black man – especially if you had a poor man’s lifestyle, coming from nothing to something. Usain Bolt has the same.”

He reveals a story about how a lady reporter hounded Usain Bolt for some controversy. Gayle said, “Usain Bolt has the same. She was trying to get close to him by being friendly with a local reporter. She didn’t want anything but dirt. You see? Reporters come just to dig things up on a successful black man. The Jamaican reporter was like, ‘I’m not a part of that. I want no part of that. She just wanted negative stuff. Negative. I say this because I want to open people’s eyes. If they want to use me as a scapegoat, fine. But who’s coming after [me], they will learn.”

He added that Australia is more explicitly racist behaviour off the field. He added: “And another of the presenters who said she wasn’t happy with it (Gayle’s don’t blush baby comments), later she was interviewing a man and sitting in his lap. And she’s married. She was flirting. They were playing Let’s Get It On. She didn’t get any trouble. Double standards, that’s what it is.”

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