All in all, all is well!, writes Priyanka Chaturvedi

Being unwell and out of political debates has its advantages. A week of ‘forced break’ gave me a chance to follow up on all things non-political. And was it fun! How you ask? Let me tell you of all the interesting stories I read.

I was able to catch up on a wedding right up to this couple’s honeymoon pics, what they wore, how hot they looked together. Thankfully, the newspapers didn’t give us more intrusive details. We Indians do know where to draw the line even when it comes to publicity. ‘Thankfully’ being the key word.

The second thing I read extensively about, was a wedding reception. The news there was how the most famous bachelor from the Hindi film industry could finally be getting hitched. Much thrills, no?

There was Cannes, too. And the purple/mauve lipstick. I tried my level best to appreciate it — like many on my Twitter timeline — but failed. Maybe I don’t understand goth or fashion enough. Gimme my brown matte lipstick anytime, anywhere and I don’t need to get into the fashion of lip colour.

There is a programme on air (I swear I am not making this up) and in this programme, the lead actress has turned into a housefly and she is conversing with everyone as a fly. From nagins to houseflies, the transformation has been rather quick and steadily going downhill with every TRP-passing week. What is interesting to note is that the programme is doing very well with its viewers. We love our nagins, shers and our own TV version of Jungle Book.

I spent a lot of time on Facebook this week. Though, I must admit, I was totally overwhelmed with the updates. Everyone lives in a different zone altogether and they’re all taking that ideal holiday, living the perfect life with the ideal family, kids and the cutest pet. Life is one big party there with loads to share on life lessons, better parenting, fitter and healthier lives.

But I have discovered that Sri Lanka has some amazing sarees to sell, thanks to Facebook. To let you in on a little secret, a lot of the updates there gave me a lot of fodder for gossip with my sisters who are as gossipy as one can get!!

As the week draws to a close (as do the antibiotics I was prescribed), all I can say is that, once in a while, it helps to take a step back to re-energise oneself. As I prepare for the beginning of the children’s new academic year and get back to what I do best, I realise there is so much more to life that one should not give up on, catching up and gossipping about all things newsy on top of that. All in all, as the song from the movie goes: Aaallll is well.