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Never miss places of Exotic evergreen Assam

Guwahati: Assam has one of the most exotic and ancient cultures in Indian history. It is a unique land with the fusion of various traditional and culture. If you are planning a holiday, where you want variety of experiences, probably Assam could be a perfect place for you, where you can experience the tribal traditions, the fresh fragrance of tea gardens, the riverine islands, the Satras, abundant wildlife, majestic Brahmaputra, exotic dances of various tribes along with Bihu dance, delicious traditional food etc. Assam is the probably only place where you will get such kind of Variety, and you will undoubtedly fall in love with Assam once you reach here. Here, I have mentioned a few places which will help to explore more about Assam:

1. Majuli, the cultural capital:

Surrounded by the mighty Brahmaputra, Majuli is a place which is known for its vibrant cultures and traditions. Majuli is the one of the largest river islands in the world. Spread across an area of 1250 sq. km, Majuli is a hot spot for the variety of flora and fauna. This island of Assam is also named as the cultural capital of Assam. 600 years old “Satra” are the rich assets of the island as well as of Assam, which are established by Mahapurush Shankardev and Madhabdev. You will get a homely stay experience where you will get a chance to taste Assamese traditional foods and can witness the lifestyle of people of Majuli. If you want to know the Assamese culture, then you must visit Majuli.

2. Sivasagar, the ocean of Shiva:

If you want to explore the history of Assam, the Sivasagar is probably the best place for you. Along with tea and oil, it is well known for its the Ahom palaces and monuments, who ruled in Assam for 600 years. You will get a chance to walk through the Ahom palaces. The main attractions of Sivasagar are “Ranghar”, Asia’s oldest pavilion, “Shiva dol”, one of the tallest Shiva temples in the world, “kareng-ghar”, the royal palace of Ahom kingdom, “Sivasagar-pukhuri” and “Joysagar-pukhuri”, second largest and largest man-made lake in Asia etc. “Tai museum” is an attractive place of Sivasagar for history lovers, where they have collected various articles of the Ahom Kingdom. If want to know and want to watch the ancient architecture of Assam you must visit Sivasgar.

(photo source: panoramio)

3. Kaziranga national park.

Kaziranga national park, which is spread over 430 sq. km, and the only natural home to the one-horned rhino in the world is the oldest and one of protected area of India which has been declared a World Heritage Site. The sanctuary boasts of its stunning range of wildlife that primarily includes the One-horned Rhinos, Elephants, Indian Tigers, Deer, Will Buffaloes, Migratory Birds, Reptiles and several others.

4. Sualkuchi, the Manchester of Assam

The Muga silk of Assam is well known to everyone. You can find the best handlooms of Assam in Sualkuchi. Sualikuchi as a silk weaving village was established in the 17th century by Momai Tamuli Barbarua. Nowadays sualkuchi is popularly known as “Manchester of Assam”. Sualkuchi houses some finest silk production units in the country. The golden color of muga silk will surely impress you in sualkuchi.

5. Tezpur, the city of Usha:

Tezpur, which is also called the city of Eternal romance as it narrates a love story of Usha (King Baana’s Daughter) and Anirudha (Grandson of Lord Krishna), is located on the bank of the River Brahmaputra, The scenic beauty of Tezpur has been enhanced by the surrounding mountains of Arunachal Pradesh, the sprawling tea gardens, swiftly flowing Brahmaputra and the northern backdrop of snow-capped Himalayan peaks, which honestly make the city ever so romantic. The major attractions of the town are Bamuni Hill, Agnigarh, Cole Park, Mahabhairab Temple, Hazara Pukhuri and Bhomoraguri etc.

The only hilly station of Assam “Haflong”, capital city “ Guwahati”, Barpeta, Jorhat, city of oil Jorhat, the land of tea garden “Dibrugarh” , are also some place which is worth a visit in Assam. And one more special note if are visiting Assam don’t forget to taste the tea of Assam.

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