From Dipika Kakkar as fly to Madhura Naik as peacock: TV soaps are transforming actors into animals

MUMBAI:The Jungle Book movie that revolves around Mowgli and computer generated animals has become a huge hit in India. Now, a different kind of jungle book is playing out on TV. And we are not talking about the Animal Planet. It’s the general entertainment channels that have become the latest habitat for the animal kingdom. From a fly to a cow to a tiger to a snake, you’ll find all kinds of creatures here, the difference being that it’s the actors, who are transforming into animals!

It started with naagins Mouni Roy and Ada Khan who played shape shifting snakes in Naagin, and now to give them competition naagrajas are coming in the form of Niketen Dheer, Mrunal Jain and Chetan Hansraj in Naagarjuna. But it’s the other animals that are worth a look.

Karan Kundra as a tiger in Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum
This serial started out as a musical love story with the usual nok-jhoks and tiffs between the hero, the rockstar Rahul (Karan) and the heroine Manvi (Saanvi Talwar). Before long they got married after which the serial got into another zone altogether. Turns out that Rahul’s father had gone to a temple of Durgapur Jagir and killed a holy tiger while hunting. And now, Rahul is possessed by the soul of that tiger because of which he is transformed into the animal on particular days. Eventually he will convert into a tiger unless the curse is lifted. Phew!

Aly Goni as a bull in Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum
If there’s a tiger in the serial, another four-legged creature cannot be far behind. So, there’s a bull in the form of Agni to take revenge from the tiger who killed his father (a bull) in the past life. Since the tiger’s soul has possessed Rahul’s body, Agni’s motive is to kill Rahul and avenge his father’s death. So, he comes as Kabir in Rahul’s life and befriends him. But soon, the saand and sher will have a fight!

Dipika Kakkar as a fly in Sasural Simar Ka
This serial has had everything from naagins to daayans casting their spells in it. And now that it has completed five years, a new supernatural twist is being added. The lead character Simar has been turned into a fly. In her bid to save Chandramani (Vindhya Tiwari) who has been paralysed, Simar goes to a jungle to find some jadi booti and a pearl that will cure her illnesss. However, by mistake she breaks the 5000-year tapasya of a saint who in a fit of anger turns her into a fly. So, now you can hear only Simran’s voiceover while an animated makkhi zooms by.

Rajat Tokas as mongoose in Naagin
With a serial like Naagin it’s no wonder that there will be all sorts of creepy crawlies in it. And nevla is naagin’s jaani dushman. Rajat who played the role of Kabir, shape shifting into a mongoose is back to create havoc in the life of naagin Shivanya (Mouni Roy), whom he wants to kill.

Madhura Naik as peacock in Naagin
Peacocks are known for their beauty, but in the serial this icchadari morni had come with the express purpose of unveiling Shivanya (Mouni Roy)’s asli avatar, that of a naagin. Having done her deed she danced her way out.

Samaira as Gaumaata in Santoshi Maa
This is a mythological show about Santoshi Maa, so there’s a cow in the form of Gaumaata, which is the devi’s vehicle. Gaumaata also works as a device that conveys the problems on earth and Santoshi Maa resolves them. She also works as a catalyst in rescuing Santoshi from sticky situations. Faster than wifi and bluetooth, this Gaumaata, no?