AABYSF urges Assam Govt not harass Bengali as doubtful citizen

All Assam Bengali Youth Students’ Federation

Guwahati, February 11, Jasmine Ahmed: Expressing concern over the “poor treatment” the All Assam Bengali Youth Students’ Federation (AABYSF) requested the government not to “harass” Indian citizens by tagging them as Bangladeshi, meted out by the state government to Bengali Hindus in Assam. Three-day protest, the student launched at Dispur Last Gate on the first day of budget assembly seeking safeguards from the state government community. AABYSF President Mahananda Sarkar Dutta said, “In the going year People of the Bengali Hindu community have been harassed and called Bangladeshis”. They are ill harassed by police and kept in detention camps without any proof of their nationality. The state government has not spared kids, who kept in detention camps in the inhuman conditions. He said that a section of Bengali Hindus had to migrate from Bangladeshi to Assam and other states in India as they were victim of Partition in 1947. As well as their forefather was fighting for the independence of the country.

Hence, the AABYSF, Tarun Gogoi, the chief minister of Assam release all person of the Community lodged at various detention camps in Assam. AABYSF President Mahananda Sarkar Dutta said, “We insist that the government withdraw the cases against Bengali Hindus pending in different foreigner’s tribunals and other court declare them Indian Citizens. We demand also a withdrawal of the categorization of Bengali Hindus as doubtful voter as soon as possible.”