Google introduces a sharing tool for groups called Spaces

MUMBAI:There are numerous interests and passions around which people rally–from jogging to photography to tracking things in the superhero multiverse, users resort to various online tools to get together around topics. Until now, things like forums and Facebook pages have been the mainstay for staying up to date and connecting with kindred users. Google has now thrown a new app into this ring, called Spaces.

Spaces aims to facilitate easy sharing of information and enabling discussions around a topic of choice, using the functionality of tools like Google Search, YouTube and Chrome. Using this tool, a user can create a new ‘space’ and invite other people to join in via an email, messaging or social network.

A space can contain things like links to relevant web stories, photos and videos, where it is easy to track conversations and discussions around a particular topic. With Google Search baked right in, users can locate specific topics within a space whether they’re in a conversation, article, video or even within images.

Spaces begins rolling out today on Android, iOS, desktop, and mobile web–all you need is a Gmail account.

Stay tuned as more is revealed about this new app over the course of the Google I/O event kicking off on Wednesday, 18 May.