Narendra Modi Slams Third Front, Says They Work To Save Congress

Narendra Modi Slams Third Front

Odisha, February 11, Abhijit Saha: Narendra Modi today visited Odisha according to his pre scheduled plan. He started his speech in Odia language at the Vijay Sankalp Samabesh at Bhubaneswar.

Mr. Modi blames the chief minister of Odisha for not speaking in Odia. He said that he like Odia language and Odia is also the second mostly spoken language in his city Surat as people from every district of Odisha are present there for work purpose. He said that now is the time to change the system in Odisha. Modi says Gujarat has become so developed in 14 years that people go there for work and at the same time Odisha has destroyed. According to him the Third Force have destroyed every state where they ruled, may it be Samajwadi Party in Uttar Pradesh or Left Parties in West Bengal or be it BJD in Odisha.

Narendra Modi also blamed Naveen Patnaik for poverty in Odisha. He said youths move to other states for jobs leaving only older people in state. He also said that our country is developed in western part but eastern part is poor because of poor governance. He said out of 11 parties in Third Front, nine are supporting the congress internally.

Rajnath Singh President of BJP said that congress and BJD are jointly involved in mining scam and that both of them are anti farmers. He advised the CM to ask for CBI probe order into illegal mining from the centre. He also blamed the UPA government for presenting only the first part of Shah Commission report and also for trying to hide the illegal mining scam.

Criticizing Rahul Gandhi’s comments Mr. Singh said that Rahul has given ullo comment on Narendra Modi. Congress is cheating the Indians from 65 years he said.

Mr. Modi said that if he becomes the PM of India then he can only help Odisha if the MP of Odisha will also be from BJP. At last concluding the address he asked the people that has the government in Odisha been able to provide drinking water to the people despite of having so much water in Odisha.