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Why is tourism not growing in a proper rate in Assam?

Sivasagar, Prangan Duarah: Assam, one of the greenest places in India, is one of the richest bio-geological areas in the world. The lands with countless species of animals, birds and plants, which include the one-horned rhinos, the tea estates, the diverse ethnic, cultural and linguistic stock which include the folk music of different community, various colorful tribal dance style like Ojapali, Deodhani, Bagarumba, Baishagu, Gumrag, Kherai, Bayukh, Jhumur, Haacha Kekaan, Chomangkan, Satriya, and of course Bihu dance, delicious traditional foods, beautiful handlooms and handicrafts like “gamosa”, “makhela-chadar” bamboo products like “japi”, “dhari” etc, and the historical monuments like “Ranghar”, “Kaneng ghar” ,will remain long lasting impressions to any visitor. It is generally believed that tourists, both domestic and foreign, visit different places in search of specialities, which include a variety of things, such as, beauties of nature, architecture, peace of mind and fulfilment in religious places, the new and different variety of food, culture of the people and uncommon adventure.


Assam is full of specialties which can easily attract the tourist. After knowing resources of Assam, anyone can easily understand the potential of the tourism industry in Assam. Tourism is considered as the fastest growing segment of the world but unfortunately, in Assam, it is showing equivalent to negative grow rate. Although the Assam has tremendous tourism potential, the tourism industry in the area is still miles to go to exploit the proper potentialities. But after having a lot of potentials why tourism is not growing at a proper rate in Assam? Although many factors like geographical location, terrorism etc are affecting this industry but we can answer in a simple way, since, our government has no time to deal with these issues, so, the negative growing of this industry is quite obvious.

Along with the political instability, the increasing numbers of extortions, bandhs, strikes, and curfews is one of the reasons which are affecting the tourism industry. The foreign and the domestic tourists consider it risky to visit this part of the country. Some of the earlier policies, which were withdrawal, like restricted area permit, according to which a foreigner intended to visit north-east area including Assam had to undergo a long arduous procedure of obtaining permission from the Home Ministry. This RAP is not required nowadays, but unfortunately, the RAP still continues to loom large and the efforts to liberate the false apprehension in the mind of the foreign tourists are minimal. Lack of infrastructure and the lack of trained tourist guide are other reasons which are responsible for the pathetic situation of the tourism industry. There should be sufficient numbers of reliable and affordable staying places with good infrastructure in major tourist places.

A good communication system to the tourist spot is one of the main advantages of a tourist place. But, in Assam, it seems that the communication systems to many major tourist places are very poor. It seems that government is not protecting our precious jewels like the one-horned rhino, historical monuments, wildlife centuries, the one of the largest river island “Majuli”, which can help us to grow our tourism industry. Tourism can play a very significant role in economic development of Assam. If tourism is developed through careful planning, it is sure to bring revolutionary transformation in Assam’s economy. Along with the support from the government, people’s co-operation and consciousness are very important to bring this revolutionary transformation.

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