Quadricycles to run on Indian roads, waiting for green signal

Soon Quadricycles will run in Indian roads

NEW DELHI, February 11, Sandipan Sharma: Quadricycles will now have the ability to employ on the city streets the nation over as the law service has sanction the street service’s proposal permitting them to be utilized as open transport, consistent with sources.

Quadricycles are seen by stakeholders as being more secure than 3-wheelers (auto rickshaws). They have completely encased structure with hard top and entryways, in spite of the fact that their greatest pace and motor limit are more level than a little auto.

Sources in the service of way transport and interstates said that the law service has provided for its regard for the utilizing of quadricycles – new sort of 4-wheelers.

The advancement is seen as great news for Bajaj Auto, which in 2012 disclosed the quadricycle codenamed Re60. It is fueled by a 200 cc petrol motor with a top pace of 70 kmph and has a mileage of 35 km for every liter.

As an ID image “Q” is liable to be conspicuously shown on the assortment of these quadricycles. Quadricycles will be proposed for enrollment under business transport class for intra-city development, inside as far as possible, and just licensed drivers will be allowed to drive them.