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Samsung patented a smartwatch that can project a screen onto your hand

MUMBAI:Samsung may just have the solution to the small screen problem on smartwatches. A projector on the smartwatch that uses your forearm or hand as a second which allows the smartwatch to display additional options.

The company has filed for the patent, which was published on United States Patent and Trademark Office’s official website shows details of how the smartwatch is expected to work.

The new technology will work in tandem with three components: A camera, an image projector, and processor. The image projector will display the second screen on your arm and the camera will capture all the interactions with the additional screen while the processor relays the information between the camera and image projector.

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“A wearable device that is configured to be worn on the body of a user and a control method thereof are provided. The wearable device includes an image projector configured to project a virtual user interface (UI) screen, a camera configured to capture an image, and a processor configured to detect a target are from the image captured by the camera, control the image projector to protect the virtual UI screen, which corresponds to at least one of a shape and a size of the target area, onto the target area, and perform a function corresponding to a user interaction that is input through the virtual UI screen,” the company wrote in the patent.

In addition to smartwatches, the patent also includes headsets and virtual reality (or possibly augmented reality) devices. Even though Samsung has patented their idea, it is possible that the company isn’t actively pursuing development, so don’t expect to this technology on the company’s devices anytime soon.

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