Tusshar Kapoor goes dark

MUMBAI:Tusshar Kapoor is on a break from adult comedies. In fact, the only film he has signed till now, Kabeer Kaushik’s Chicago Junction, has him playing perhaps the darkest, most evil character that he has ever played. Other cast members include Naseeruddin Shah and Pankaj Kapur. One more mainstream hero is yet to be cast. Set in Uttar Pradesh, the film traces the deep-rooted nexus of crime and politics with Naseeruddin Shah playing the negative role.

Tusshar says, “It’s a period film based in the ’70s called Chicago Junction. It’s got to do with gang wars in UP and is called that because eastern Uttar Pradesh, used to be called as the land of gang wars and mafia war was at its peak. It was even given the title of Chicago of the East by BBC Radio. My role is that of a ruthless gangster who has nothing good in him. It’s the darkest, most negative character I have ever played till now. There are no shades of grey — its black. It’s something very different from what I have done till now so I am very excited about it.”

Talking about taking a break from adult comedies the actor says, “While I have never strategised what I should do or not do where my roles were concerned, I feel that this is not the time to do any more adult comedies. The Censor Board is coming down heavily and editing many scenes. They don’t want adult comedies so we can’t go against the rules. Why make one when you can’t make it properly? I am not interested in doing that right now. So I am taking a break from adult comedies now for a while and going back to the gritty and realistic stuff that I did earlier like Shor In The City where I played a tapori and the Shootout series where I played gangsters.”

What made him say yes to such a dark character? “I met Kabir a couple of months back and loved the script. There’s good drama but my character is very dark. I play the antagonist. It’s role reversal from my usual funny, cute type of characters. It’s a very challenging character and I will have to shed my good boy persona to get into that dark space. I am a very positive person so I will have to go that extra mile. I will be also learning the local dialect that is spoken in UP.”

Tusshar will also be sporting a leaner look in the film. “Look, Kabir had asked me to lose weight a few months back for this role so I have shed some kilos which is what he wanted. I am just getting into a completely dark zone.

While in Shootout At Lokhandwala, I played a gangster people were sympathetic to my character. This is something else altogether and an experiment I am willing to do because of the sheer darkness and depravity of the character.”

He’s always been known as a good guy but what the baddest things he has ever done in real life? “I am not a bad person but I have done things like cheated in class for Marathi tests as that was my weakest subject but strangely I have only played Maharastrian characters, I have stolen my cousins toys as a child and said I have lost them, fought with my sister Ekta and my parents and yes, when I was studying in the USA, I did have my share of bad days in Michigan and would cover up.”