Surely Anti Modi but not campaigning for Congress, U R Ananthamurthy Says

Mangalore, 11 April-2014, Shreyas H S(DJW): Jnanpith awardee U R Ananthamurthy, who was branded as ‘anti-Modi’ by the BJP to the extent that the party approached the EC claiming that he was campaigning for the Congress, has rubbished BJP’s allegations and said that though he is opposed to BJP PM candidate Narendra Modi, he is not supporting the Congress in any way.

Surely Anti Modi but not campaigning for Congress, U R Ananthamurthy Says

U R Ananthamurthy (Kannada: ಯು ಆರ್ ಅನಂತಮೂರ್ತಿ)

U R Ananthamurthy (Kannada: ಯು ಆರ್ ಅನಂತಮೂರ್ತಿ) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“I maintain my stance of opposing Narendra Modi. But I am not campaigning for Congress because the party, during its tenure, destroyed the federal structure of the country,” said U R Ananthamurthy speaking to daijiworld over the phone.

Ananthamurthy launched a scathing attack on Narendra Modi and said, “He is a man of ill motives, with an unruly character and killer instinct (to succeed).”

When asked about the statement mentioned in the BJP’s manifesto that reads ‘the rising disparities, social, and communal divide and terrorism leading to a fractured society is worsening the situation rapidly,’ he contended that the BJP’s manifesto is a ‘political document and a masked effort to woo the voters by fooling them’. “I have gone through the manifesto in detail and I find it to be a blatant lie,” he added.

“There is also a candidate from Mysore who has no ethics and credibility to contest. He has been fielded by the BJP against Adagur H Vishwanath,” said Ananthamurthy in an obvious attack against journalist Pratap Simha who is BJP’s candidate.

He claimed that he opposed Modi for his Fascist approach to administration that proves costly for bureaucrats and citizens living under his reign. “He possesses killer instincts and the stain of blood is still on his hands. He is not a man of vision, unlike Nehru and Atal Behari Vajpayee. They had vision and a determined goal to make India shine, in contrast to this man who only focuses on power,” he lashed out.

When quizzed if he was seriously worried about Modi becoming the PM, he explained that being a writer he makes an effort to write and create awareness among the people about a man who exhibits a dual personality.

About his threat to leave the country, he said that it was uttered in a ‘moment of anger’. As he has no other place to go to, he would stay in the state continuing his literary work, he said.